Introducing Home Automation and how it can Make a Difference for your Family

Smart homes are trending in 2018 and there’s no smart home accessory more in vogue right now than home automation. For those that are still learning about home automation, there’s a lot to say on the topic. To begin with, home automation provides a homeowner the opportunity to automate certain processes in their home.


Home automation may or may not include smart locks and door bells, security and access, monitoring devices and motion sensors, lighting and appliances, and more extensive controllers and kits. If you’re just starting out with smart home gadgets, beginning with a home automation controller and kit is a great way to get started.


The best-selling home automation kit in the Prime Cables catalogue and one of Canada’s favourites is the Orvibo® Wireless Smart Home Security Kit w/ Motion Sensor, Door Window Sensor, Camera and ZigBee Hub which is available today for only $149.00. This kit comes with everything you need to get going with home automation and can be the first big step you take towards building a smart home.


There are other kits and controller options however, including the Insteon Hub V2 Starter Kit with Bonus 2 x 2477D Wall Dimmers for $144.99, the Insteon Home Automation Assurance Hub V2 Starter Kit for $284.99, and the Panasonic Home Safety Starter Kit (KXHN6000) for $269.99. Though the Orvibo has been our biggest seller, each of these other brand names are also well known across Canada for home automation.


There are also individual gadgets that can be bought to help automate the home. These include the Orvibo® Smart Wifi Power Outlet S25 for $19.99, the ORVIBO® S31 WiFi Smart Socket Yellow- App Control and Alexa Ready, RedDot 2017 award winner – 1/Pack for $24.99, and the Orvibo® ZigBee Smart In-Wall ON/OFF Switch (120VAC/10A) – 1/Pack for $39.99.


There are dozens of products to browse through Prime Cables’ catalogue. All orders above $49 receive free shipping to anywhere in Canada so this bears keeping in mind when making your final purchasing decisions.


Home automation kits give you the opportunity to make the home more secure and safer for anyone inside. If you are living in an area where safety is questionable or have concerns about the security of your family in the home, a home automation kit can help put you at ease.


If none of the kits mentioned appeal to you, don’t hesitate to mix and match different products to build your own home automation kit, and revel in the oversight that you’ll have over all activities in the home. Invest in a home automation kit today and keep your property secure.

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