5 Must-have Smart Home Accessories in 2019 on-Sale and at Amazing Prices!

Automate your home and monitor it from wherever you may be. 2019’s best smart home accessories are just a click away. Having tested these products in our own homes, these are the products we believe in.


Smart home hubs and controllers


Smart home technology controlled by a single device and a single app. A smart home automation system, hub, or controller connects you to everything in a single tap. Manage speakers, lights, doorbells, cameras, windows, appliances, and everything. Use these devices to communicate, send information, and take commands on-notice as needed.


Smart home lighting


Control the lighting conditions in your home from afar. As one of the most basic components of smart home automation, being able to dim and adjust lighting can help focus in on certain atmospheres or moods. With a simple push of a button, use your smart home lighting to turn on and off a lamp at your whim, or ensure no lights are left on while you’re not at home.


Monitoring and sensors


Although we usually associate sensors with security, they don’t necessarily need to be used for such things. Sensors can be used to help control temperature, lighting, and various other conditions in the home. Installing smart home sensors outside a washroom, on the stairs, or in the kitchen can help make things easy.


Security cameras and accessibility


Security can be a huge investment in both time and money, especially if you’re going for advanced surveillance methods. Smart cameras and smart security systems are much more affordable, arguably provide more oversight, and will absolutely give you peace of mind knowing your property’s protected.


Smart locks and doorbells


Accessing and locking your home is way easier, when you use a smart lock or smart doorbell. There are many smart home product categories out there however this is an easy investment to make. For those apprehensive about smart home accessories, smart locks and doorbells are a great way to introduce one to the landscape of smart technology.


PrimeCables has smart home hubs and controllers, lighting and appliances, monitoring and sensors, security cameras and accessories, smart locks, and smart doorbells all on-sale right now! Depending on the amount of control you want, there’s seemingly no limitation to managing aspects of your home like lights, temperature, locks, and security. Smart home accessories are great for your home and as gifts, whether you’re buying for a birthday or a holiday. These are some of the top smart home products in Canada and there’s more in our catalogue. Feel encouraged to drop in today and check things out at PrimeCables!

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