Introducing the Top Triple Screen Desktop Mount in Canada


Monitor desktop mounts are being bought up by Canadians every day. Bringing their home and office workstations to the next level, desktop mounts provides the opportunity to affix monitors where a user sees fit.

Instead of having a monitor take up space on top of your desk, having it set up at eye-level creates a more advanced, modern environment that makes it easier on the eyes, better for your physical posture, and that maximizes the space available.

In the Prime Cables catalogue, featuring some of the top screen desktop mounts in Canada, there are options for a single monitor, two monitors, and even three monitors. That’s right, folks. Three monitors spread across a single mount arm!

For a limited time only, we would like to introduce the Triple Screen Desktop Mount for 10”-30” Two sided mounts Swivel ±90°- PrimeCables® available today for $49.99. Canada’s top triple screen desktop mount, the rotatable head adapts for a wide array of uses, meeting the needs of many different type of consumers. Priced to market at $134.59, save over $75 for a limited time through the official Prime Cables catalogue. Among the features included in this triple screen desktop mount, enjoy two-sided mounts that are able to rotate 180 degrees, a horizontal swivel, a vertical tilt and swivel function to allow for optimum viewing, and height adjustability ensuring that you get the most from where the monitors are positioned. Though three monitors on a desktop mount may seem challenging, this product has been garnering rave reviews for its usability. The price ain’t half bad either. If you’re looking for an affordable triple screen desktop mount, $49.99 is an unbeatable price point – and that includes free shipping to anywhere in Canada!

Be sure to browse the user reviews located at the bottom of the triple screen desktop mount product page. See the experience that other Canadians have had with this mount. Netting 4-star and 5-star reviews, secure your monitors safely while uncluttering desktop space. Easily watch TV and film, read printed text, and keep your space clear and free. Having everything at eye-level, you may not realize it initially but this makes a huge difference in the long-term. No longer will you have to crane your neck or strain your eyes to see.

At Prime Cables, we are proud to be introducing Canada’s top triple screen desktop mount to so many different consumers from sea to sea. Be sure to give it a try and leave a review! Let us know your experience with this triple screen desktop mount.

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