What Ergonomic Accessories should I Choose for my Office Environment?

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It’s easy to forget how impactful office work can be on the body. A lot of the negative consequences of being in a prolonged sitting position has to do with the body being in an unnatural physical state. The concepts that lead the ergonomic office movement have to do with correcting body posture, relaxing the strain we put on our bodies while we work, and to activate our bodies throughout the day to keep us fully engaged.


There are many big items that can be identified as ergonomic, such as an ergonomic office chair which is great for relaxing the neck and back. There’s also an ergonomic sit-stand desk which allows a worker to sit and stand throughout the day, easily adjusting the height of their desk to keep their body fully engaged. Beyond these items though, are there other ergonomic products available that can help reduce the physical strain of being at an office workstation – actually, yes.


Browsing some of the biggest sellers in our catalogue of ergonomic accessories, standing anti-fatigue mats have become quite popular among many Canadian office workers. As we continue to see offices switch from sitting down to standing position, prolonged standing comes with its challenges. To help reduce the foot pain and the lower leg pain that is sometimes associated with prolonged standing, anti-fatigue mats are the way to go! There are also some who prefer having a foot rest instead. No worries there, as Prime Cables’ has a heavy duty height adjustable ergonomic free-standing footrest platform for $29.99. For something a little less expensive and easily an accessory that almost any office worker should have, have an ergonomic monitor document clip for $9.99. These crafty height-adjustable document clips attach to your computer monitor and allow you to peruse a physical document while working at your station.


There are also other ergonomic accessories that can be added in to any office environment, such as an aluminum universal monitor riser stand for $39.99. Among our more exclusive, luxury items in the office ergonomic category, there’s the Fellowes climate control footrest for $84.99 which can spread warm or cool temperatures across the base of the foot. The Fellowes footrest is a huge favourite among those who have tried it!


For when you’re looking to up for your ergonomic accessory game in the office, visit Prime Cables. Any order above $49 receives free shipping to anywhere in Canada making every purchase an easy one!

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