Where to Get a Dual Screen Desktop Mount under $70

dual screen monitor mount

For those that don’t know what a dual screen desktop mount is, imagine being able to hold up two computer monitors in front of you and having all of that screen space to play with. That’s what a dual screen desktop mount brings with it. For any gamer, graphic artist, audio engineer, and/or even for the general office worker who requires two monitors to get their work done, a dual desktop mount is a must-have. Beyond providing you with two screens to work from, it also frees up a heck of a lot of space on your desktop that you can then use for other things.


The biggest barrier that keeps so many Canadians from buying a dual screen desktop mount is price. In many cases, they range up to $150 and more. At Prime Cables, we don’t like the sound of that and we think that Canadians across the country would be better served at a lower price point. Don’t get us wrong though. We didn’t sacrifice quality. Check it out. This Dual Screen Desktop Mount 360°free switch for 10″-27″ Monitors Aircraft Aluminium-White-PrimeCables®, which was originally priced at $199.99, has now been reduced to $54.99 – and that’s including free shipping!

If you’ve been looking for a dual screen desktop mount for under $70, this is your chance. Made from aircraft aluminum, this model is refined and portable, and ranks high in usability. Supporting two monitors of up to 27 inches, get a 360-degree switch allowing you to move for portrait to landscape, orientating the monitors as you see fit. Through the use of an Allen key, you can also easily adjust the height to where it needs to be. Also, for a limited time via Prime Cables, we also nabbed for all of our customers a lifetime warranty on this dual screen desktop mount. For all of the advantages and features listed here, there’s never been a better time to buy.


Don’t take our word for it though. Visit the Dual Screen Desktop Mount 360°free switch for 10″-27″ Monitors Aircraft Aluminium-White-PrimeCables® product page to read over thirty customer reviews!


We’re excited to be able to bring affordable pricing on such a high quality item to Canadians everywhere. If you’re in the market, don’t hesitate. There are limited quantities available so be sure to take up a buy on this dual screen desktop mount today. Be prepared to open up some extra desk space while knowing your monitors are securely fastened.

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