Why USB Type C Cable has become a Major Trend in 2018

Order usb type c cable in Canada
Order usb type c cable in Canada

USB Type-C is the highest quality, fastest-charging USB cable currently in the Canadian marketplace. The ideal cable to complement any smartphone or tablet, USB Type-C provides services that other type cables cannot. If you’ve ever been caught waiting for a device to charge, the USB Type C cable provides significantly more charge from its cable and maximizes the capability.


If your cable has broken down on you and/or if it’s just not giving a good enough charge, don’t go back to another iteration of the same cable. Choose USB-Type C, one of the cable industry’s biggest, most influential finds of the last decade.


Since 2014, USB Type-C has been discussed with promises of speed and convenience that went beyond what was possible then. Today, USB Type – C has come out in full force. For those that don’t know, Type-C is a re-design of USB Type-A (the earliest USB standard) and USB Type-B (the most widely used, little square form USB cable). It is important to note, prior to purchasing USB Type-C that every USB cable comes with its own form so check to ensure your device is USB Type-C compatible.


As we have already discussed, the charging speed of USB Type-C is as fast as any other cable out there. Its performance is as high as 1,250 megabytes per second, otherwise known as 10 Gbps. The USB Type-C also offers much, much more power than its predecessors. For example, USB 2.0 can handle currents of up to 500 mA for a maximum of 2.5W of power. The USB Type-C outdoes it by a long shot, handling currents of up to 5000 mA for a maximum of 100W of power. Though must devices may not yet be able to get there, when they are, the USB Type-C cable will be worth the purchase.


Prime Cables has been providing high quality computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone cables to Canadians for a decade. We are proud to be able to offer 2018’s trendiest charging cable, USB Type -C, to all of our Canadian consumers. As momentum has continued to grow around this product in the last few years, it’s one of our biggest sellers today. To consumers, USB Type-C has grown to represent speed and power in a way that no other charging cable has.


Make the choice that so many other Canadians have made and go with the best. Choose USB Type-C for a cable that you can depend on and a piece of technology that makes a huge difference to how one uses their device.

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