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Buy PrimeCables Audio cables?
Buy PrimeCables Audio cables?

For Canadians looking for higher quality and better performing replacement audio cables, visit Prime Cables today for our exclusive 3.5mm audio cable. Complete with gold-plated connections and a tin-plated copper core, you know it’s built well on the insider. Featuring a unique design and nylon fiber sheathing, the advanced tech on the inside is well protected with an exterior that any party will have a hard time chewing through or cutting down. In addition to all this, our 3.5mm audio cable comes with a PF insulator, zero distortion, and complete transmission. For these reasons among others, we believe we have a product on our hands in this category that is hard to beat.


3.5mm audio plugs is the standard audio jack for most devices including headphones, speakers, MP3 players, computers and laptops, TVs, smartphones, DVD players, CD players, and vehicles. They all take 3.5 mm cable. A 3.5mm audio cable is an important asset, especially one that is well built. For anyone with pets, particularly young pets, they know how difficult it can be to prevent one from chewing through a wire. Also, a cheap audio cable over time will typically wear down and eventually it won’t be good for anything. For high quality 3.5mm replacement audio cables, browse the Prime Cables catalogue. We have a huge number of audio cables and adapters that can help get you and your devices set up with some of the best quality cable products in Canada.


Choose from a 3.5mm Male Stereo AUX Mobile Audio Cable w/ Nylon Braided Protection 3ft for $4.99, a Premium 3.5mm Male Stereo AUX Mobile Cable with Nylon Braided Protection-6ft-PrimeCables® – 1/Pack for $5.99, and more. is a Canadian-based, trusted brand name in audio cables. Enjoy free returns, fast shipping, and a 1-year guarantee on all orders shipped. Better yet, pair up a few different items to surpass the $49 threshold and enjoy free shipping on your order. Throughout the year, we also regularly run rebates, sales, coupon codes, and promotions. Don’t hesitate to browse our home page for more information on ongoing deals. For more than a decade we have been serving Canadians from coast to coast and in that time, we have sold thousands of 3.5mm high quality audio cable. Visit our ecommerce marketplace anytime and begin reaping in the rewards with Prime Cables.


Remember the 3.5mm audio jack as an iconic component and key to several electronic devices. For Prime Cables customers, see high quality digital 3.5mm audio cables that will connect to any receiver or professional audio device!

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