How Much do you Know about Apple MFI Certified Cables?

apple charging cable

In the last few years, you may have heard more about Apple MFI certification on cables. These type of certifications begin back in 2012 when iPhones, iPods, and iPads began to use proprietary connectors. In each, an authentication chip exists letting your device know that it is Apple MFI certified. This was a technique to let your device pick up on any knock-off or non-certified cables, which could pose a risk of damage when used to charge. Non-certified cables in this context can get hot, overheat a phone, and fry it in different ways eventually resulting in it being completely useless.


When you buy a cable with an Apple MFI certification, you know you’re getting a high quality and fast charging cable. After all, these are designs approved by one of the world’s largest tech companies. Part of the approval process involves submitting cable samples to an independent testing facility where it is examined under mechanical and electrical tests. Though a lot of work goes into getting a cable to be Apple MFI certified, we find that the effort is worth it. To our consumers, it lets them know that we are a trusted brand name in cables and that the cable products they purchase are some of the best in Canada.


For more than a decade, we have been working with cable manufacturers to improve the quality of their cables and to come up with the best designs in Canada. The result is the Prime Cables lightning MFI certified cable, as good as or better than any other cable in Canada.


The next time you need to sync and charge an iPod, iPhone, or iPad, ensure you have an Apple-certified cable to maximize safety and reliability. The long list of advantages include automatic updates in accordance with the iOS and a high-quality copper wire to fulfill the high-speed requirements for Apple certification. More stable and reliable, see speeds increase by as much as 50 percent. Beyond that, it’s chew proof, corrosion resistant, wear resistant, heat resistant, tangle-free, freeze resistant, with a lifetime warranty, and is protected with nylon. For its price, there is nothing more impressive than the Apple MFI Certified cables available through the Prime Cables catalogue. Every single Apple device owner in Canada should have an Apple MFI certified cable for these reasons and others.


For more information on Apple MFI Certifications and similar cable accessories, be sure to browse Prime Cables’ catalogue. See instant coupons and promotions, subject to certain conditions, on certified cables and enjoy big savings with fast shipping to anywhere in Canada.

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