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See a List of Home Theater Cables, Charging Cables, and Wires You May Want to Upgrade

With the holidays just having passed, chances are you may have one or two new devices or electronics to plug in, install, or power. When it comes to home theater cables, smartphone cables, and electrical wire, it doesn’t hurt to upgrade every once in a while. High tech, new, state-of-the-art cables make your daily life easier. You’ll see your smartphone…

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See the Secrets of How Charging Cables work and more – buy them today!

So your smartphone needs a charge. What do you do – you take a cable and you plug it in. Almost any device you want to charge, there’s a cable for that. But, how do they work – well, that’s what we hope to shine a light on here.   Every USB cable has at least two wires inside, no…

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Get Ready as Apple is Testing its Newest iPhones with USB-C for the First Time

Any time Apple releases a new version of the iPhone, the smartphone industry gets into an upheaval about the new features and changes included. If the rumours are true, your old Apple sync and charging cables are about to become way outdated. Apple has long been rumoured to be a fan of USB-C charging ports and have wanted to incorporate…

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The Adapter Guide for Macbook Pro Thunderbolt 3 – How to Connect an iPhone, Display, Hard Drive, and more!

A great Macbook Pro Thunderbolt 3 adapter can help connect devices like iPhones, displays, hard drives, and more with fast sync and charge capabilities. Searching out an adapter like this can be quite expensive though, especially if you’re seeking something high quality. All of the hoopla surrounding USB Thunderbolt adapters are based around recent modifications to the Macbook Pro design.…

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What is Apple MFi Certification and Why is it Important to your Apple Cable

Maybe you’ve heard a lot about Apple MFi certification in the past few years. If you don’t know what MFi is about, let us explain. ‘MFi’ is essentially just a fancy way of saying a product has been ‘made for iPhone’, ‘made for iPod’, or ‘made for iPad.   Every MFi cable contains an Apple-manufactured authorization chip, ensuring your cable…

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MFI-Certified Lightning Cables are Available on-sale from PrimeCables

Are you looking for lighting MFI certified cables – we’ve got quite the deal for you! The popular 8pin to USB cable is made for iPod, iPhone, and iPad. If you’ve used them before, you know the details on their high speeds, impressive performance, and data capability. It almost goes without saying but this is one of the fastest sync…

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Black Friday deals on Nylon Braided Lightning Cables exclusively at PrimeCables

The PrimeCables Nylon Braided Lightning Cable Apple MFi Certified For iPhone iPad-3 FT – 2/Pack is on sale for 45% off at just $11.99 between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, November 23 to 26, exclusively at!   These MFi-certified charging and syncing Lightning cables are engineered to meet or exceed Apple cable performance, providing the best quick charge and…

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Buy PrimeCables’ Apple Certified USB-C Cables before you Head back to school on Discount

Apple certified lightning cables are worth their weight in gold. They’re built immensely well, are approved by one of the world’s biggest tech companies, and are one of the most advanced consumer cables in the market. In terms of speed, nothing outdoes them on smartphone sync and charge. Before you wrap up your back to school shopping this August, be…

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What’s MFi stand for? Why you would definitely need a PrimeCables 1M Lightning Cable from us?

Apple cables are a specialty of PrimeCables, and we offer certifiable MFi solutions for all your iPhone, iPad, and iPod needs, as, for example, the 1M Lightning Cable and Dual USB Charger bundle.   This kit includes a PrimeCables MFi-certified 3ft. cable (also available separately) and two-port USB charger that features one port for 1A and an additional port for…

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