Where Can I Buy An Apple-Certified Lightning Cable Charge & Sync USB Cable?

Apple has used the USB-C styled lightning cable to sync and charge iPhones since 2012. For a decade, it’s been the must-have essential cable for charging iPhones, iPads, and iPods, however, it’s also an accessory that is available almost exclusively through Apple.

Some sites have what are called ‘Apple-certified’ cables. These are essentially Apple certified lightning cables charge & sync USB cables that are not made by Apple but which have been tested and verified to be Apple-compliant and that are sanctioned by Apple as being safe for their devices.

An Apple-certified lightning cable is nearly identical to what’s sold directly through Apple but they’re often more inexpensive. This is why you can buy a 3/pack of USB lightning cables via PrimeCables.ca for the same cost you may spend buying a single lightning cable via Apple.

Despite non-Apple devices moving to USB-C cables, Apple’s stuck with their proprietary USB lightning cable. There is no other type of cable that will work with an Apple device unless it has the same proprietary connector. Therefore, if you have an iPhone for example, you need a lightning cable to be able to sync data and charge the device.

What’s The Best Place To Buy Apple Lightning Cables Online?

PrimeCables.ca has some of the best deals on Apple-certified lightning cables in Canada. They’re a go-to source for anything cable-related and/or adapters, and Apple-certified cables form a large portion of that.

A 1M Apple-certified lightning cable charge & sync USB cable can be bought at a great deal, available in a single pack, a 2/pack, or a 3/pack, and in black or white. These are high-quality cables that will never quit on you and on top of that, the primary reason to buy them with PrimeCables.ca is that they offer a lifetime warranty on most of these cables. This means any trouble and you don’t necessarily need to rebuy the cable if you return to PrimeCables.ca for a replacement.

There are some sites that sell knock-offs of USB lightning cables and they aren’t very good. They are prone to over-charging and causing other issues as well as simply not working very well. PrimeCables.ca doesn’t sell those. Avoid cheap knock-offs at all costs. They aren’t Apple-certified. However, cables from PrimeCables.ca are. They are Apple-certified, premium-grade, and available Canada-wide, an important alternative to shopping directly through Apple.

For Apple-certified MFi-certified lightning cables you can buy online in Canada, if you want that important certification plus the lifetime warranty on your Apple sync and charge cables, visit PrimeCables.ca.

How Fast Is An Apple-Certified Lightning Cable & Dual-Port USB Smart Wall Charger?

Apple-certified lightning cables are one of the electronics’ industry’s most popular consumer cables. The advanced technology inside the lightning cable makes it fast, efficient, and the chosen cable used by Apple.

When you buy an Apple certified lightning cable & dual-port USB smart wall charger, to be a lightning cable, it needs to be certified as such by Apple. An uncertified lightning cable can be damaging to a device and not work as well.

MFI-certified is another way to say Apple-certified. From sources like PrimeCables.ca, you can save a little money by buying an MFI-certified USB lightning cable that is not directly from Apple but still certified in the quality of the cable.

All lightning cables are known to be fast but how fast are they?

Sync And Data Transfer Rates On An Apple-Certified Lightning Cable

To get the maximum performance from an Apple lightning cable, you must plug it in with a wall charger. This is because when you use a laptop or similar device, you are compromised by the limitations of the laptop or computer. They can only put out so much power, far less than a lightning cable can handle and therefore reducing what you’re going to get on the other end.

In terms of how fast a lightning cable is, it relies on the USB end of the cable, be it USB 2.0 or USB 3.0.

  • USB 2.0 has a speed of 480Mbps/60Mbps.
  • USB 3.0 has a speed of 5Gbps/640Mbps.

This is what you get when you buy a 1 x Apple-certified lightning cable & 1 x dual-point USB smart wall charger. However, it is important to note that Apple does not put out all lightning cable specifications. Because of this reason, it’s difficult to say with certainly what the maximum speed any lightning cable can handle. The aforementioned numbers go strictly by what we know the USB connector can handle, as opposed to what the lightning connector can.

You will also find in terms of power, lightning cables carry 2.4A. Ultimately, if you have an Apple device, you cannot use another cable. You have to use a lightning cable. Just make sure it’s certified, firstly. Secondly, plugging it into the wall will maximize the speed. The combination of both is what will get you the fastest Apple-certified lightning cable possible.

Get your USB Apple-certified lightning cables, smart USB wall chargers, and other Apple USB accessories at PrimeCables.ca.

See a List of Home Theater Cables, Charging Cables, and Wires You May Want to Upgrade

With the holidays just having passed, chances are you may have one or two new devices or electronics to plug in, install, or power. When it comes to home theater cables, smartphone cables, and electrical wire, it doesn’t hurt to upgrade every once in a while.

High tech, new, state-of-the-art cables make your daily life easier. You’ll see your smartphone charge faster on the right cable. With a home theater system, you can actually have enough cables to plug everything in. You also have the chance, when you shop with PrimeCables, to purchase adapters so that you’re never struggling without a way to power, sync, or charge.

HDMI cables

Everyone with a 720p TV or above is probably using an HDMI cable to connect something to it. Upgrading your HDMI cables for your home theater system gets you something premium-rated, customizable with different lengths and casings, and different design functions. Something as simple as Ethernet connectivity can mean the world of difference to your TV.

Ethernet cables

A sure way to get faster Internet is to cable it instead of using the standard WiFi connection. Connect and transmit high speed Internet with Ethernet cables, whether it’s for home theater speeds, gaming, computer needs, or otherwise. Ethernet cables remain vital to achieving the fastest possible speeds for the households and corporate environments who need it most.

USB cables

Thousands of devices use USB cables but some are built better than others. Sync and charge smartphone USB cables are a popular category but it’s important to have premium built USB connections that work with all devices. If your USB cable is slow charging, malfunctioning, or has not been updated in a few years, consider an upgrade to something faster and more contemporary.

Apple lightning cables

Apple lightning cables and Thunderbolt cables are used across the millions of Apple products. Though the company’s now focusing on wireless charging for future Apple devices, anyone with a slightly older iPhone or iPad still needs a high quality, premium-built USB connected lightning cable or Thunderbolt to get synced up, charged up, and connected.

Home theater audio cables

Audio is everything when it comes to a home theater system. Video quality is easily achieved. Audio takes a bit more work. Consider making a change or upgrading to speaker wire, 3.5mm cables, digital coaxial cables, RCAs, or Toslink digital optical audio cables. If you know what cables you’re looking for and what they do, you can do a lot with what’s on sale at PrimeCables.ca.

Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade. Gift yourself some new home theater accessories and cables for your household this year. Tap into the stock at PrimeCables today and support the best quality sound, picture, and charging premium cables can afford you.

See the Secrets of How Charging Cables work and more – buy them today!

So your smartphone needs a charge. What do you do – you take a cable and you plug it in. Almost any device you want to charge, there’s a cable for that. But, how do they work – well, that’s what we hope to shine a light on here.


Every USB cable has at least two wires inside, no matter if it’s being used to power a device, charge, and/or for data transfer. All electric circuits depend on loops and in order for a loop to occur within a cable, two wires are needed. The key idea to remember is electric current which is the movement of an electric charge inside of a metal wire. A flow of charges is created by the electric field housed in the wire. If there’s no closed loop, the charge quickly will build on a wire’s surface, creating a zero electric field with no current. Alternatively, with a closed loop, mobile electrons reach back towards where they’re coming from and prevent charges from building up.


In most USB cables, there may be between four and five wires. The average Apple lightning USB cable has 5 wires. They typically are color-coded, such as in red, green, white, and black. The colors correspond to a code. ‘Red’ is a positive wire with 5 volts of DC power; ‘black’ is usually the ground wire in almost all electronic devices including USB cables; ‘white’ is the positive wire; and ‘green’ is the negative wire, used for data in tandem with white. A USB connector’s engineered so that the power wires are closer to the tip than the data pins, giving your device power before transferring data.

apple lightning cable from PrimeCables
apple lightning cable from PrimeCables

To complete an electrical circuit when you want to charge your phone, one end of the cable must be plugged into your phone and the other end into a charger. Back and forth, electrons then flow to the charger along the surface of a copper wire. For data transfer, data wires take on the opposite polarity on the same frequency meaning a mirror image is created. The white wire pushes data to its destination while the green wire is working in the opposite direction. This eliminates noise and allows a clear connection to be maintained.


As a USB Type-C cable is bent and beat up over time, eventually one of the wire strands break which is what causes a cable to eventually fail. If any one of the four wires snaps, the result is a malfunctioning cable which cannot complete its circuit.


For USB cables in Canada, shop with PrimeCables today. For our June 2019 birthday sale, our USB cables are on big discounts!

Get Ready as Apple is Testing its Newest iPhones with USB-C for the First Time

Any time Apple releases a new version of the iPhone, the smartphone industry gets into an upheaval about the new features and changes included. If the rumours are true, your old Apple sync and charging cables are about to become way outdated.

Buy primecables USB -C cable online

Apple has long been rumoured to be a fan of USB-C charging ports and have wanted to incorporate this technology into its devices. In an era where more of us are gravitating towards wireless, Apple is going with another path. Needless to say, this says a lot about the future of technology products as well as quality of the USB-C standard. Currently, Apple is testing its new line of iPhones with USB Type-C ports included – something which has understandably created controversy among some users.


Assuming Apple moves to USB-C, it’s a significant move away from Apple sync and charge cables which have been in circulation for years. Lightning cables have understandably proven to be incredibly popular among Apple enthusiasts. They’ve been in use on Apple smartphones since 2012. Comparatively, Samsung, Huawei, and other smartphone manufacturers adopted USB-C cables in response. Although some might disagree with having to purchase new USB cables, giving up lightning cables for USB Type-C cables could prove to be a positive in the long run.


USB-C is largely agreed upon to have the potential to exceed lightning cables in quality. The switchover is certainly going to be a tough one though. Apple smartphone users will have to replace their cables and chargers as well. The most recent version of the Apple iPad Pro has switched out lightning cables in favor of USB Type-C cables already.


Browsing PrimeCables, you can jump on board early with the USB-C standard as you like it. We have dozens of USB Type-C cables on-sale starting from $5.99 for a 1-metre USB-C cable or $5.99 for a Palette Series USB-C to USB-A cable at half a metre. If you’re still in the market for Apple lightning charging cables, we’ve got those as well. They start at $5.99 for a 1-metre Apple MFI-certified model or $11.99 for a 1-metre Nylon braided lightning cable.


As Apple is moving to a new standard, we all know what Apple charges for devices and accessories. For anyone who doesn’t want to pay premium prices and yet, still nab themselves a great quality USB cable for a low price, PrimeCables is where it’s at. Shop with us today to see the deals for yourself!

The Adapter Guide for Macbook Pro Thunderbolt 3 – How to Connect an iPhone, Display, Hard Drive, and more!

A great Macbook Pro Thunderbolt 3 adapter can help connect devices like iPhones, displays, hard drives, and more with fast sync and charge capabilities. Searching out an adapter like this can be quite expensive though, especially if you’re seeking something high quality.

Black Friday Cyber Monday Macbook accessories DEAL

All of the hoopla surrounding USB Thunderbolt adapters are based around recent modifications to the Macbook Pro design. The new Macbook Pro comes with Thunderbolt 3 ports of only one type, meaning compatibility is only USB-C. That cuts down a lot on what can be connected. If your devices have USB-A, Thunderbolt 1, Thunderbolt 2, DisplayPort, HDMI, or another type of connection, you’ll need an adapter to connect. Apple doesn’t include any adapter of the sort with a Macbook, putting it on the customer to find their own. Thankfully, PrimeCables can help.


PrimeCables has several adapters in its catalogue including a Thunderbolt Mini DisplayPort to VGA for $8.99, a Thunderbolt Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter for $11.99, a DisplayPort Thunderbolt adapter to HDMI for $5.99, a Mini DisplayPort Thunderbolt and USB to HDMI female adapter for $49.99, and a Mini DisplayPort Male Thunderbolt to DisplayPort to $9.99.


There are more than a dozen additional adapters that would work great with Macbook Pro Thunderbolt 3. As long as you shop with PrimeCables, you won’t need to set aside any considerable amount of cash to pick up an adapter alongside your new Macbook Pro purchase.


Using PrimeCables adapters, you can connect almost anything to your Macbook Pro using a Thunderbolt 3 connection. Connect USB-C devices, USB-A devices, micro B SuperSpeed USB, iPhones, iPads, lightning earpods, headphones, Thunderbolt devices, DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, VGA, Ethernet, SD cards, FireWire devices, printers, and more.


Any time you’re buying an adapter, ensure it’s from a reputable source. You don’t want to put your devices at risk going with a low quality product. With PrimeCables, you can always trust us to deliver a high quality product that’ll get the job done!


Regarding a Thunderbolt adapter purchase, know what you’re looking to connect. Consider all the devices you may want to use. The ultimate Macbook Pro setup might just be a few PC accessories away. If you need something with a mix of connections, you may want to purchase a multi-purpose adapter or go with multiple inexpensive adapters. Feel free to jump on board with PrimeCables and browse our guide of different Thunderbolt adapter products. What you need might be right around the corner.

What is Apple MFi Certification and Why is it Important to your Apple Cable

Maybe you’ve heard a lot about Apple MFi certification in the past few years. If you don’t know what MFi is about, let us explain. ‘MFi’ is essentially just a fancy way of saying a product has been ‘made for iPhone’, ‘made for iPod’, or ‘made for iPad.


Every MFi cable contains an Apple-manufactured authorization chip, ensuring your cable product has perfect compatibility with all Apple device using the lightning connector. The guarantee with an Apple MFi-certified cable is you’re getting a cable that is 100% compatible that you can trust.


If you’re using an Apple product, you want an Apple MFi certified instead of going with an unlicensed USB cable that you could be taking your chances with. Especially when it comes to buying on the cheaper end of the spectrum, some USB cables can carry risks. An Apple MFi certification ensures you’re not putting your device at risk and that you’re getting an excellent quality cable in the process. Apple USB cables are available for connection on iPhones, iPads, and iPods all over the world.


PrimeCables is a premiere Canada-based eCommerce company with specialization in cables, especially those with Apple MFi certification. There are dozens of Apple USB cables available in the catalogue, all subject to free returns, a 1-year product guarantee, and fast, free shipping across any order above $49 to anywhere in Canada. If you have any concerns about buying a low quality cable or about going with something that does not have Apple certification, put those worries to rest. Shop with PrimeCables and you won’t have to worry about a thing!


Keep in mind that Apple does not hand out these certifications every day. Manufacturers are permitted to use the MFi logo on the product package however there’s strict regulation that guides the design compatibility of any cables or related accessories. The amount of applications go to Apple for approval for MFi certification is high however those that are actually approved are less than five percent. That says a lot about the high quality of standards Apple maintains. It also says a lot about the quality of PrimeCables’ products. Through an MFi certification, Apple guarantees quality of the cable or accessory.


Browse Apple MFi certified USB cables and other products at PrimeCables. See the lowest prices in Canada and don’t have to pay a dollar more. If you’ve got an iPod, iPhone, or iPad, Apple certified USB cables like this are a necessity. Shop PrimeCables today.

MFI-Certified Lightning Cables are Available on-sale from PrimeCables

Are you looking for lighting MFI certified cables we’ve got quite the deal for you! The popular 8pin to USB cable is made for iPod, iPhone, and iPad. If you’ve used them before, you know the details on their high speeds, impressive performance, and data capability. It almost goes without saying but this is one of the fastest sync and charge cable Apple has ever offered.


PrimeCables is offering massive discounts on premium Apple-certified lightning cables and accessories. Deals start as low as under $5 and creep up slowly from there. Drop in and see the great discounts for yourself. Grab a 1/pack or 2/pack of lightning cables as needed. For a limited time only, receive ‘free shipping’ from PrimeCables on any order above $49, in addition to free returns and a 1-year product guarantee.


The great thing about these lightning cables are that they come equipped for the best possible device performance. Up to 50 percent faster and supporting 2.1A fast charging, these cables come complete with a built-in security certification chip that automatically updates in accordance with any operating system update. This keeps the cable safe and reliable while strengthening the service time across the device.


The unique Apple-certified PrimeCables design is tremendously strong. See features like chew-proof, heat resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, tangle-free, freeze resistance, Nylon braided protection, and a lifetime warranty. Longer and wider, and bigger and thicker, the aluminum allow connector and covered Nylon twine protection makes this one of the strongest versions of the cable. Even better, pay half the price you would anywhere else. See the lowest prices in Canada off this PrimeCables favourite.


If you’ve been waiting for the right time to upgrade your USB lightning cables, there’s no better time than now. Needless to say, the white Apple cord that comes with your iPhone is something many consumers take for granted. It’s not something we even think about. It comes with the device and from there, we might throw it in a drawer, use it to sync and charge, or put it into storage as an extra. Though we may not give it much thought, MFI-certified lightning cables are strong and advanced.


So if all this sounds good to you, shop your next MFI-certified lightning cable on-sale with PrimeCables. Just a click away, you’ll be glad you did. With all the unique design protections included, you won’t ever have to worry about your cable breaking, snapping, fraying, or being destroyed. It’s all been taken into account with the Nylon braided lightning cable. Visit PrimeCables for more information!

Black Friday deals on Nylon Braided Lightning Cables exclusively at PrimeCables

The PrimeCables Nylon Braided Lightning Cable Apple MFi Certified For iPhone iPad-3 FT – 2/Pack is on sale for 45% off at just $11.99 between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, November 23 to 26, exclusively at PrimeCables.ca!


These MFi-certified charging and syncing Lightning cables are engineered to meet or exceed Apple cable performance, providing the best quick charge and rapid synchronization available on the market. Normally priced at $21.99 for the pair, you can get two for the price of one while supplies last, with a limit of 5 per customer.


With hundreds of positive reviews, it’s one of our best sellers all year round because of their superior design, functionality and affordability. If your original Apple cords have lost their vitality, casing, have been damaged in any way, lost or stolen, then it’s the perfect opportunity to replace it with the PrimeCables® 1M Nylon Braided Lightning Cable Apple MFi Certified For iPhone iPad-3 FT – 2/Pack for just $11.99.


Aluminum connectors, nylon braided anti-everything protection, and a slick orange body make these the sexiest Apple cables you can get anywhere in Canada, suitable for quick charging and syncing for your iPhone, iPod, and iPad.


When we say protection against everything, we mean everything: daily bending, raveling and unraveling, connection and disconnection, knicks, chewing, tearing, high temperature and extreme cold, too, including a lifetime warranty, makes this the longest lasting, most reliable cable for your smartphone, tablet and personal music device available today.


Charging up to 7% faster than competitors, and delivering a 480Mbps data transfer speed, complete with backwards compatibility, the PrimeCables® 1M Nylon Braided Lightning Cable Apple MFi Certified For iPhone iPad-3 FT – 2/Pack for just $11.99 make perfect gifts for the holidays, birthdays, between family, friends, colleagues and coworkers alike. They work with iPhones and iPods 5th generation and up, and iPad minis 1, 2, 3, 4, Air 1 and 2, Pro, and 4th gen, too.


We’ve got warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so whether you’re residing in Kelowna or Trois-Rivières, you’ll get what you need in about a week, two weeks at most for remote locations.


If you’re under pressure to get your order, you can always add fast shipping to any item in your shopping cart for just $5.95 and receive it in a day or two, tops.


For all the best deals on cables this Black Friday, visit us today at PrimeCables.ca!

Buy PrimeCables’ Apple Certified USB-C Cables before you Head back to school on Discount

Apple certified lightning cables are worth their weight in gold. They’re built immensely well, are approved by one of the world’s biggest tech companies, and are one of the most advanced consumer cables in the market. In terms of speed, nothing outdoes them on smartphone sync and charge.

Before you wrap up your back to school shopping this August, be sure to stop by PrimeCables to pick up your own. As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce companies, PrimeCables wants its customers new and returning to enjoy free returns, a 1-year product guarantee, and fast, free shipping on any orders above $49.

primecables back to school shopping essential
PrimeCables back to school shopping essential

The 1M Lightning Cable, Apple MFi Certified Lightning to USB Charging Sync Cable-3FT – 1/Pack for $5.99 is one of the biggest selling products in our catalogue. That says something about the quality of cable and the reliability of its performance.

Compatible with any and all Apple devices, the Apple-certified lightning cables’ ultra-compact design, fast charge, rapid sync, and reversible design are all features worth noting. Choose from white or black. Receive a lifetime warranty as well so should there be any problems, just give us a call and we would be happy to arrange a repair or replacement as appropriate.

In the last few years, there’s been a lot of positive press around the USB Type-C standard. Praised as the ‘cable of the future’ and the ‘most advanced USB cable of all-time’, we’re tremendously happy to have multiple USB-C cables in the PrimeCables catalogue. As they’ve been discounted especially for the back to school shopping season, enjoy USB Type-C cables marked down by as much as 70%.

Be it Apple, Android, or another USB-C compatible device, Type-C cables can definitely come in handy when it comes to sync and charge. There’s no cable that even compares. As Apple and other companies continue to advance their own technologies, many experts are predicting USB Type-C is so advanced that it’s already where tech’s going to be a decade from now and perhaps beyond.

To anyone in the market for an Apple-certified USB-C lightning cable before September starts, buy the PrimeCables’ USB Type-C cable on back to school deal for a limited time only. No matter if you’re starting elementary, junior high, high school, college, or university, every student with a smartphone should have a USB Type-C cable. Buy it today and enjoy the lowest prices in Canada!

USB type C cable from PrimeCables
USB type C cable from PrimeCables

Get a head start on your back to school shopping with PrimeCables and buy impressive, inexpensive gifts like these to make the most of the season. Get ready and get excited. The big ‘back to school shopping season’ is almost here and the USB-C cable won’t be on-sale forever!