How to DIY your Home Theater Setup on a Low Budget


Building an awesome home theater experience DIY can help save you money and without compromising on quality. There might even be things around the house you can use to help bring together a room theme. Remember to use your imagination. Here’s our picks for some things you may want to weigh in designing a DIY home theater setup. 

The first thing is to decide whether you want a projector or a TV. Both are short on space, equally priced, and have their advantages. With a projector, you may be able to get a larger screen size except without the hassle of a TV screen and having to purchase a TV wall amount. Then again, if you enjoy the viewing experience of a mounted TV, that might be where you want to take it.


When you have your visual arrangement decided on, the next thing you want to decide on is your speaker system. Though you might choose to use a TV’s built-in speakers, there’s much more power you can get from a more immersive audio setup. Deciding on how much bottom end you want via a subwoofer, or doing without and simply going with a dual-speaker stereo setup is key. Depending on the type of speakers, you may also consider speaker stands to set your equipment up on. These provide an added sense of luxury to the room and can help take things up a notch.


The third consideration, after all this, is what you’re going to be hooking up to your TV or projector. Thankfully, there are a number of media players which make casting audio-video that much easier. Let’s say you intend to use your computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet with your TV – consider investing in a media device you can use via Bluetooth. This will help cut down on the amount of cabling you have to use. Beyond this, there’s also video players, gaming consoles, and possible headphones to weigh. Also, keeping in mind the length of cable coming off each of these, defining where to safely put these devices is also something to weigh when designing your home theater setup.


The last thing we want to mention and no doubt, one of the more frustrating components of a home theater system is the amount of cables being used. HDMI cables, VGA cables, DVI cables, RCA audio cables, speaker wires, MFI cables, charge and sync cables, and more. They add up!


For the DIY home theater designer, you can still craft a home theater experience on a budget. Visit Prime Cables today for more information on affordable home theater accessories, and also browse projectors, TV wall mounts, A/V splitters, speaker systems, and a wide range of cables and adapters that are sure to help.

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