How to Choose the Right TV Wall Mount for your Space

how to choose tv wall mount
how to choose tv wall mount

More Canadian households are choosing to mount their HDTVs, easily done with any high quality TV wall mount. The benefits are numerous – save space, enjoy a home theater setting, and make the viewing experience more pleasurable for guests. TV wall mounts do vary in quality and type though, so it’s important to know what you are looking for.

Prior to choosing a TV wall mount, examine your TV’s specifications. Different wall mounts are compatible with different TVs, with most being customized to limited sizes. For example, with a 50-inch TV placed on a wall mount built for a maximum of thirty-two inches, expect to see the mount give out and the TV to fall to the floor. After you have your specifications written out, now it’s time to decide whether you want the TV to be stationary and fixed or a swivel. If it’s a larger space where social gatherings are a regular, a swivel makes it easy to angle the TV in different directions across the room. If it’s a more family-based, personal home theater system setup, a fixed, stationary TV wall mount more than does the trick.


TV wall mounts can either be purchased in a configuration that has the TV close to the wall or with an arm that holds the TV out a few inches from the surface. If there is limited space, affixing the TV as close as you can to the wall makes sense. The last considering that needs to be made in selecting the right TV wall mount for your space is pricing. Cheap is not always good. The last thing you want is for your TV to end up damaged or broken. If you’re working on a limited budget, the most affordable TV wall mount will be a basic, fixed mount with no arm and no swivel. Even on a limited budget, a consumer should be able to find themselves a fixed TV wall mount high quality enough to ensure it can safely hold your TV set.

There are many pros and cons to different TV wall mounts. It’s worth doing some research into specific products, weighing the features included and seeing what suits you. At the end of the day, you may choose to stick with the more traditional TV stand setup. That said, a TV wall mount can add a strong sense of theatricality and innovation to a space. It’s more than worth consideration if you’re looking to take your home theater system to the next level!

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