How to Wall Mount a TV

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There are many different kinds of wall mounts for TVs to choose from and how to wall mount a TV comes down to what selection a consumer has chosen for themselves. Depending on the placement of the TV, there may be certain space considerations to consider and some wall mount types may be more appropriate than others.

Flat, fixed TV wall mounts provide a clean, snug look to a TV posted to the wall. By using a fixed mount, the TV remains in one place, unable to be move. No wires should be hanging from the side. In terms of affordability, a fixed TV wall mount is the preferred option. Then, there are tilt TV wall mounts which allow a TV to be angled at fifteen degrees and possibly more. For when you need to mount the TV higher up on the wall, a tilt will likely be required for view. If there are concerns about glare from indoor lighting or windows, tilts are also a recommended option.


The third type of TV wall mount up for consideration is one including swing arms. A swing arm mount is going to hold the TV from the wall at a slight distance, providing the user an opportunity to swivel or pan the TV as they see fit. This increases the number of angles TV can be viewed from and in larger rooms where seating is spread out, a swivel TV wall mount might make for the ideal viewing experience. The last type of TV wall mount is the articulating or cantilever kind. Protruding a few inches from the wall, similar to a swing arm, an articulating TV wall mount accommodates users who seek to pull out the TV by up to 180 degrees, potentially meaning it could be viewed from two different rooms.

There are many keys to installing a wall mount, including working with a partner to physically get the TV locked into the mount once it has been placed on the wall, ensuring screws are fastened tightly, and checking levels. It also is required to find the studs in the wall to ensure a mount has been properly placed. Installing a TV wall mount without taking the time to find the studs oftentimes results in an unsafe setup that could easily collapse, damaging your TV in addition to the wall. There are a number of tutorials online explaining in thorough detail how to wall mount a TV and there are likely to be instructions included in your TV wall mount purchase. Be sure to take the time to ensure no step is skipped and that the TV is properly secured!

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