See the Best Indoor HDTV Antenna from Prime Cables for only $4.99!

Decades ago, families spent hours crowded around the TV set watching signals sent between antennas. Today we’ve switched to cable, satellite, and internet viewing options however TV antennas still remain a highly valuable tool for cord cutters everywhere.


Be it in rural, suburban, and urban zones across Canada, employing an indoor HDTV antenna can help tap into free TV programming. Buy today from Prime Cables and prices start as low as $4.99 for your very own indoor HDTV antenna.


How an indoor HDTV antenna works is quite simple. Tapping into the TV signals that are being broadcast over the air, a qualified antenna will be able to pick these up and translate them to your TV set. Better yet, in today’s world of high-definition, you can get free high definition TV in Canada courtesy of one of these antennas. For cord cutters, this is hugely attractive as it provides them the chance to separate from their traditional TV provider and save money.


There are many different kinds of indoor HDTV antennas on the market and we recommend the best place to start is with this Super Thin Indoor HD TV Antenna tapping into FM/VHF/UHF for a limited time price of $4.99. There is no monthly subscription fee. This indoor digital HDTV antenna may not appear like a traditional antenna but it still works like a charm. Hide it on a shelf or behind the TV, plug it in, and scan for channels. It’s that easy. The biggest drawback to buying an indoor HDTV antenna such as this is that you never know what you might receive in terms of programming. There may be as few as only a few channels, or it may be as much as 20+ channels. Depending on where you are in Canada and how it’s positioned, it may be able to pick up more or less.


Some of the channels that Canadian users of this indoor HDTV antenna have tapped into include CBC, PBS, Global, NBC, CTV, FOX, CityTV, CBS, HSN, and more. Though you won’t get any specialty channels (sorry, no HBO), you may still be able to get the basics and without having to pay any monthly fee for it. If you are in an area where you’re not near a broadcast tower, purchasing an additional high-gain TV antenna amplifier might be recommended as well. Buy this indoor HDTV antenna from Prime Cables today and receive free high definition TV up to 1080p in crystal clear clarity!

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