TV Wall Mount Buying Guide

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Finding which type of TV wall mount is right for your home can be a long process. Before affixing a flat-panel TV to the wall, there are a few things to consider regarding how you want to mount it.

Very few TVs come equipped with their own wall mount. That means having to buy an independent TV wall mount. The first step towards that is knowing your TV’s specifications, including its size and weight. From there, knowing what options you have in terms of mount type is important. There are fixed, tilt, swivel, and full-motion mounts. The more basic, fixed TV wall mount design is the most affordable option so if you’re looking to get the best deal, this might be where it’s at. That said, there is something to be said for having the ability to tilt the TV to reduce glare, swivel it to different parts of the room, or having full-motion capabilities.


Think about the space in which the TV wall mount is set to be installed. If it’s a smaller room, maximizing available space with a fixed, basic mount is worth considering. If there are different seats spread out in a larger room, choosing an adjustable TV wall mount may be worth it. If there are issues with glare coming from light sources or windows, a mount that angles is necessary.


Most Canadians just getting into home theater systems and looking for simple, affordable ways to create a more immersive viewing experience, the basic option is more than enough. If one does choose a fixed mount, ensure that you will be sitting directly in front of the TV and that it is possible to position it at the correct height for viewing. In our experience, this is not always possible which means going with a tilt mount would be your next best bet. Keep in mind that if one chooses a tilt, the TV will be required to be a few additional inches from the wall. If the TV is above a fireplace or high on the wall, a tilt is almost necessary in order to be able to watch effectively any time of day.


The TV wall mounts that come with more motion to them, such as side-to-side swivel and full-motion, is great for those who can afford it and for anyone who needs to adjust the TV in a larger room. Ultimately, it’s about personalizing the viewing experience to your needs. Buy the TV wall mount best suits your needs and take advantage of the cleaner, more space-efficient look that comes with it.

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