Looking for the Best Digital TV Antenna in 2018?


Digital TV antennas get you free TV without having to pay any telecom giant for it. Imagine that. Being able to cut down your utility bill without sacrificing the ability to watch your favourite TV channels.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about digital TV antennas. For example, many think they won’t be able to get high-definition TV with an antenna – they actually can! Though we know ‘cord cutting’ might make people a little nervous, with a digital TV antenna, you don’t need to lose access to live network TV. By picking up an HDTV antenna, you can continue watching some of your favourite programs in crystal clear 1080p high-definition from some of Canada’s biggest networks.

When one thinks about installing a digital TV antenna, you might think of those big ugly rabbit ears from decades past. Digital tech has come so far that the antennas they make today are high quality and intelligently designed. There’s also no need to hang it anywhere specific. Many people choose to tuck it away behind the TV.

Though there’s no guarantee on what channels you might be able to receive on your digital TV antenna, some of the more popular ones in Canada include CBC, CTV, Global, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and PBS, among others. Depending on the quality of the digital TV antenna and how far its range is, you might have as few as three or four channels or you might be able to get upwards of twenty and more. The ultimate thing for cord cutters is that they never have to pay for their cable again. Combine a digital TV antenna with YouTube and other means of consuming media, and you shouldn’t have any problem finding shows to watch. Local news, weather forecasts, sports, kids shows, and popular sitcoms are all out there, ready to be caught by a digital antenna.

If you’re looking for the best digital TV antennas in 2018, there are more affordable options to choose from, with the Digital TV Antenna Digiwave BMX Innovative Super Flat-Digiwave for $14.99, the PrimeCables® HDTV Outdoor Antenna High Gain for both VHF/UHF for $22.99, and the UHF Outdoor Digital TV Antenna- Up to 70 Mile Range for $32.99.

Then again, if you are looking for a digital TV antenna at a higher price point and with more distance, there’s highly recommended products such as the 360 Degree Adjustable Multidirectional Super 8 Bay TV Antenna – Up to 70 Mile Range for $105.99.

To find the best digital TV antenna for your home, it comes down to your preference, budget, and what you hope to accomplish by cord cutting. Don’t let high prices from some of Canada’s largest corporations deter you from having and enjoying TV. Get rid of them and go with a digital TV antenna!

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