Where to Buy the Best TV Indoor or Outdoor Antenna on a Budget

Without spending multiple hours purchasing and spending hours trying out different antennas in a variety of different testing locations, it’s difficult to know where to buy the best TV indoor or outdoor antenna.


For cord cutters across Canada, indoor and outdoor TV antenna are opening up whole new worlds of TV programming. Imagine getting free high definition 1080p TV without having to pay monthly for it and just by hanging up an antenna to get the job done. There are literally tens upon tens of channels out there that are being broadcast free over the air. Depending on where you are in Canada, you may be able to tap into a handful – potentially less, and sometimes more than a dozen more.


To browse some of the best TV antennas in Canada on a budget, indoor and outdoor, visit Prime Cables. Providing free returns, a 1-year guarantee on all products, and free shipping on purchases over $49, Prime Cables is where it’s at when it comes to TV antennas. Browsing through our catalogue, there are many different options for those on a budget. Prices start as low as $4.99 for a Super Thin Indoor HD TV Antenna. Up from that price point, we have a number of indoor and outdoor HDTV antennas that may be appealing, including a PrimeCables® HDTV Outdoor Antenna High Gain for both VHF/UHF for $22.99, a UHF Outdoor Digital TV Antenna- Up to 70 Mile Range for $32.99, and a 360 Degree Adjustable Multidirectional Super 8 Bay TV Antenna – Up to 70 Mile Range for $105.99.


Depending on price point, you may be able to tap into slightly more or less channels. For most users, starting with something mid-range might be recommended but if your budget is very right, for $4.99, you can’t go wrong. Don’t expect to get dozens of channels with this however, assuming you’re in a strong location for signals, you may be able to pick up three or four basic channels such as CBC, CTV, Global, and some lesser known programming.


Each of these indoor and outdoor TV antennas are easy to set up, and oftentimes outperform store-bought models priced similarly. Pull in TV signals from the nearest broadcast tower and begin enjoying free HD TV with no monthly cost to worry about.


Before making a purchase, you may want to do some research into what’s available in your local area channel-wise and what the best mounting location may be. For more information on the features offered across some of the best TV indoor and outdoor antennas, and how to make the most from a limited TV budget, browse Prime Cables.

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