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PrimeCables TV wall mount bracket
PrimeCables TV wall mount bracket

Bulky TV stands are no fun. Big entertainment centers that take up an entire wall is space-consuming. TV wall mounts and TV stands can both add style to a home entertainment center and free up some space in the process. To maximize the opportunities in a room, shop with PrimeCables, a premiere Canadian-based eCommerce site specializing in wall mounts and TV stands.


Though a stand may do, more Canadian households are coming to us seeking TV wall mounts than ever before. Anyone looking for that immersive viewing experience, mounting a flat-screen to the wall is many homes’ best bet. It’s almost like being at a theater except you don’t have to leave the couch. Watch a sports game, catch a movie, binge-watch your favourite Netflix show, or take in a concert. There are a variety of options and benefits that can be weighed when searching for a TV wall mounts. For a limited time only, buy a TV wall mount from PrimeCables at prices beginning as low as $15.99. Be it needing it be fixed, having a tilt, or full-motion, there are different TV wall mount products to browse so be sure to weigh your preferences when selecting the mount that’s going to go in your home.


Fixed mounts are a popular option for anyone looking to mount a TV at the lowest possible cost. We always recommend going with a tilt if you choose a more basic model. This way, if there is any glare coming from the window, tilting the flat-screen slightly can get rid of that. Then, there are full-motion mounts which are more versatile and that can be adapted to different seating arrangements. There are some that even come with articulating arms, while others have been specially made for installation over a fireplace. Among our most exclusive, high-class mounts is an over-the-fireplace pull-down model. Consider the different locations in the home. There may be configurations for a TV wall mount or TV stand that you haven’t considered and that might work well. Also, depending on TV size, VESA specifications, number of devices you wish to connect, and other factors, there’s a lot to weigh when deciding on how to mount a TV.


Browse Canada’s best selection of TV wall mounts and TV stands available on discount exclusively from PrimeCables. Receive fast, free shipping on orders above $49 to anywhere in Canada. Enjoy free returns and a 1-year guarantee on all product purchases, ensuring full satisfaction. Shop with PrimeCables today.

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