Looking for a Highly Powerful Power Strip? PrimeCables can Help!


Power strips are a household necessity for many Canadians who seek to plug in their many devices and connect the growing number of household electronics. Needless to say, those old rectangular power strips might be cheap but they’re not worth much when it comes to quality. They break down easy, don’t look too pretty, and there are far more effective alternatives out there to try. 

For a truly powerful power strip, PrimeCables’ recommends one of our top sellers in this category, the 12 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip with 3ft Cord 125V/15A. Buy a 1-pack for $21.99 on discount today, originally priced at $68.00 to market, or a 2-pack for $39.99. Receiving near-perfect customer reviews, this power strip comes included with a built-in circuit breaker, all grounded outlet receptacles, concealed slots for easy hanging, rouged plastic housing, all surge protected, high quality aluminum, and plates to fix installation on wall.


It’s about time that somebody builds a high quality power strip that provides all the services advertised and that is not going to break down or begin to lose performance months down the line.


Having tried power strips from brands across Canada and the United States, PrimeCables chose to include this product in our catalogue because of its high-level performance compared to similar power strips at this price point. The 12 outlets are cleverly arranged ensuring that it is easy to install, and simple to plug in items and cables of various sizes. In years’ past, power strips typically relied on a shape and outlet configuration that may have worked well for that time, yes, but in this day and age, consumers need more. The number of electronics Canadians have has grown exponentially and thereby, power strips should feature an accommodating design with this in mind. As the gadgets and adapters have changed, so has the power strips we use!


Anyone searching for a power strip made for regular use, know that we have put this power strip to the test and it has succeeded in exceeding our expectations. There’s no need to spend hours hunched over underneath a desk trying to plug things into an outdated power strip. With a 12-outlet strip like this, you don’t need to decide what to unplug and getting things set up is easy. There shouldn’t be any hassling with it after the fact.


Buy today to receive this item from PrimeCables with a 1-year guarantee and free returns. The 12-port power strip from PrimeCables will protect devices from excessive current, and the small investment upfront will more than pay off in the long-run as you see how easy it is to plug in and go.

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