PrimeCables Super Thin HDTV Antenna is only $4.99!

PrimeCables indoor TV antenna
PrimeCables indoor TV antenna

Cut the cord and still enjoy all of your favourite TV shows without having to pay another cable bill ever again. As amazing as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon are as content providers, most Canadian households still enjoy having local news and programming in their dial. Those aren’t things you can find on a platform like Netflix. For that kind of programming, unfortunately, there’s the perception that one must go to a cable company in order to tap into networks such as CBC, CTV, Global, and more. It’s not true! Instead of signing up for a cable bill which is likely to exceed $100 once internet has been included, buy the PrimeCables super thin HDTV antenna for only $4.99.


For $4.99, receive free TV with no monthly bill and no time limit. For a one-time purchase, browse live streams of Canadian networks such as CBC and CTV, and enjoy American channels such as CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, PBS, the CW, and more. Also, you don’t need to sacrifice high-definition quality either. By plugging in this HDTV antenna, enjoy free high-definition TV broadcasts from across North America. Tap into FM, VHF, and UHF signals. No monthly fees and no contracts. That’s 1080p quality TV! Replacing your cable company has never had so many advantages. By using an HDTV antenna, you can cut the cord and not feel bad about missing out. Retain most of the channels you might see on your basic cable package and embrace a cable-free lifestyle.


The nature of the antenna’s design means that it can be easily hidden wherever you need it in the home. All that is required for setup is simply to unwrap the antenna, plug it in to your TV monitor, and then scan for available channels. Now, depending on where your home is located, you may receive as few as four or five channels, or as much as upwards of 25 channels. If you’re seriously considering cutting the cord and have never had an HDTV antenna before, a $4.99 investment is small. As a matter of fact, we’re more than confident that as much fun and excitement you might have with this HDTV antenna, many customers end up returning to PrimeCables for an upgrade six months to a year down the line.


In the same way Netflix can have a place in the home, every Canadian household should be equipped with one of these. Buy the HDTV super thin antenna for only $4.99 available exclusively from PrimeCables for a limited time!

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