The Ultimate Guide to Buying Speaker Wire in Canada

Buy Best Speaker Wire in Canada - PrimeCables
Buy Best Speaker Wire in Canada – PrimeCables

Various gauges, lengths, and types of speaker wire make it not so clear on what the right speaker wire is for your home entertainment setup. As most speakers do not come with their own wire, it leaves the door open for the consumer to customize their own audio setup. For cheap high quality speaker wire in Canada, there’s only one place to go. Buy from PrimeCables and receive the best speaker wire in Canada for huge discounts. Even better, receive a 1-year guarantee, free returns, and fast, free shipping on any orders above $49.


Before you buy speaker wire from PrimeCables though, let’s jump a little into the different gauge types. Gauge is communicated as a representation of wire thickness. The thickness of wire controls the resistance to electrical flow, meaning that the thicker the wire, the more resistance there is. Wire that is 12-gauge or 14-gauge is considered thick wire, and comes recommended for longer lengths, high power applications, and low impedance speakers of 4 or 6 ohms. Comparatively speaking, less thick gauges such as 16-gauge wire is recommended for shorter runs of wire under fifty feet.


Though gauge type is one of the bigger decisions that one has to make when it comes to buying speaker wire, there are other considerations to make. How much wire you need and the length required can be easily mapped out by using twine to run between location to location. Be sure to keep in mind that some slack is recommended with speaker wire so add on an additional five or six feet to any speaker wire order. That way, you have some slack and some room for error if you accidentally calculate short or require more speaker wire than you have.


From there, one can decide on whether they wish to have speaker wire with or without connectors. If the speaker wire you buy does not come with its own connectors, we recommend using banana connectors on at least one end. Why we recommend this is because attaching bare wire ends on a receiver can be an unnecessary challenge. The last thing we want to mention is to ensure that positives and negatives are appropriately connected. If a connection ends up crossed, the audio will not sound correct or may not work at all.


For cheap speaker wire in Canada, PrimeCables is where to shop. Enjoy exclusive deals and promotions on speaker wire and additional home theater accessories. Browse the catalogue and have fun hooking up high quality, affordable speaker wire in the home!

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