What Are Our Best Selling Home Theater and Tech for August – read here!

Canadians love shopping PrimeCables every summer as they find deals here they won’t find anywhere else. Save $100s off premium home theater cables, accessories, tech, and more. Inventory’s been flying off our warehouse shelves all summer long. Here’s some of our best-selling tech in Canada this August 2019.

HDTV antenna

Enjoy free local over-the-air TV as well as programming from major American networks with this indoor HDTV antenna. Built thin and easily placed almost anywhere in the home, keep it in plain view or hide it as you see fit. It’s as easy as unwrapping it, plugging it in, and scanning channels.

720p 32” bedroom TV

The perfect TV for any small condo, dorm, apartment, or bedroom, this 720p 32” bedroom television is a great starting point for a home theater. The picture looks great, the 60Hz refresh rate’s a smooth feature, and dual 10-watt speakers work well at delivering high quality sound.

Android TV box

4K HD streaming direct to your TV. This X96 4K Android smart TV box is absolutely amazing, connecting you to Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Facebook, and more. Do you want a smart TV but don’t want to buy another flat-screen? This is your workaround, running fast and stable for home entertainment setups anywhere in Canada.

HDMI Ethernet cables with Nylon protection

Fast speeds encased in an HDMI cable with Nylon protection and Ethernet functionality never came this cheap before. For less than $6, receive a gold-plated HDMI cable perfect for your computer, TV, and home theater needs.

Bookshelf speakers 2-way pair

Though small in size, the quality of the sound in these bookshelf speakers is quite profound. Listen in with excellent clarity and detail. Perfect for a small home theater system in a dorm room, condo or apartment, or in a bedroom, this is your opportunity to get excellent sound regardless of what you’re working with budget-wise.

Stereo Bluetooth soundbar

If you don’t want to go the bookshelf speaker route, another way to have high quality sound is through a stereo Bluetooth soundbar. With Bluetooth capability, this means you can not only connect TVs and laptops to it but you can connect iPads, Androids, smartphones, tablets, and anything else with connectivity built-in.

Magnetic 360-degree car mount

A summer road-trip must-have, instead of struggling with your smartphone or GPS in seats, cup holders, and around the driver’s seat, get this magnetic smartphone car mount. All you have to do is stick your smartphone on it and you’re good to go on your next adventure!

Get these trendy, affordable home theater and tech products from Canada’s own PrimeCables this August. Save yourself hassle and inconvenience. Get yourself the products you need to live comfortably and enjoy your media the way you want to have it!

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