Try our PrimeCables Sit-Stand Desk Ergo Riser to solve your Back Pain issue!

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Lower back pain is highly common among office workers and Canadian professionals who regularly are hunched over in chairs working at desks. Though the position may seem necessary to work, a sitting hunch puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the lower back. Eventually, this results in the lower back giving out on one’s self.

An ergonomic sit-stand desk riser provides a user the chance to adjust height, moving from sitting to standing and back down to sitting with ease. If you’ve been struggling with back pain – and lower pain in particular – opting for a sit-stand desk ergonomic riser might be the smartest decision you make. Be it a home office or in a cubicle at work, the concept behind ergonomic office furniture such as this is to create most comfortable work experience possible. So when you are feeling the pressure on one’s lower back while sitting, simply get up, adjust the height to a standing position, and then, continue work standing. By adding five or ten minutes of standing time every hour, there exists the potential of major benefits related to reduced pressure across the body.

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Customize according to how you feel that day. With an ergonomic sit-stand desk, there is no commitment to how long you need to be seated or standing. Thus, adjust as you see fit. Also, relatively inexpensive in comparison with other office desks, the Sit Standing Height Adjustable desk ergo Riser ADR for monitor 26″ Wide – Black is available for a limited time at $189.99. Even better, when you order from PrimeCables, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada, free returns ensuring full satisfaction with your ergonomic desk purchase, and a 1-year guarantee.


There are numerous health studies that identify the risks behind prolonged sitting. Just recently, the Mayo Clinic published a study suggesting that the risk of cardiovascular disease increases by as much as 125 percent in individuals sitting for a minimum of four hours a day. This doesn’t even address the pressure that’s put on the back either. Prolonged sitting is not a natural state for the body to be in. Therefore, forcing it to remain steady here only leads to pressure on the bones, muscles, and joints. Even the strongest of men and women can still be worn down slowly with prolonged sitting. From PrimeCables, buy a sit-stand desk ergonomic riser today to offset the risks of sitting with the opportunity to stand and adjust positions as you see fit!

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