Where to Get a TV Wall Mount Designed for a Living Room


Living rooms come in many different forms. In smaller condos, a living room can be a very tiny space requiring a tenant to maximize everything they got. In larger residential homes, a living room can come in a range of different sizes. Finding the right TV wall mount is just as much about what the living room design is as it is about matching it to your flat-screen TV and personal preference. 

As a guide, the first thing is to evaluate how much physical space you have to work with in the living room and what the options are for where you want to position the mount. In smaller condos, there may only be one space to put it. In a home, there may be one or two. Keep in mind where the windows are positioned though a slight tilt will work to reduce glare.


After you’ve decided on where you wish to install your TV wall mount and you have the specifications of your flat-screen, the next step is deciding where to buy. PrimeCables provides fast, free shipping on orders above $49, free returns, and a 1-year guarantee on all TV wall mounts. Also, we offer promotional discounts up to 70 percent off selected products in our wall mount category. Needless to say, Canadian consumers will not find better terms or pricing on wall mounts.


There are many different types of TV wall mounts designed especially for a living room setting. There are full-motion articulating models for under $41.99, super solid large full-motion TV wall mounts for $49.99, ceiling mounts that come down from above for $99.99, extra-large full motion TV wall mounts for $124.99, and articulating corner mounts with swivel function for $78.99. In addition to these mounts, there are others that may be appropriate for a living room setting.


Create a high-class living room with functional entertainment capabilities from the angles you need. Be it 4K, OLED, LCD, LED, 3D, Plasma, sound bars, home theatre projectors, sound systems, or whatever you need, TV wall mounts add significantly to the vibe of a room. Depending on a homeowner’s unique preferences, there are numerous ways to interpret a living room. TV wall mounts are simply a part of finding the ultimate home theater viewing experience.

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