Can you Install a TV Wall Mount above a Fireplace – Actually, yes!

how to install tv wall mount above fire place?
how to install tv wall mount above fire place?

Installing a TV above a fireplace shows a homeowner has poise, style, and is not afraid to be bold. Thanks to the latest technology in TV wall mounts, any Canadian can have their TV mounted above their fireplace.


For years, TV wall mounts over fireplaces were not recommended or encouraged due to a number of issues. Today, things have changed. Though reasons for not hanging a TV over a fireplace may have been once valid, the wall mounts of today have changed so much. Cost-effective, efficient to use, and, yes, safe, TV wall mounts have proven to be a valuable resource to Canadian households seeking to mount their screen above the fireplace.


Also, when buying a full-motion above fireplace pull-down TV wall mount, it provides the buyer with several different viewing configurations that they can modify to. Pull the TV down to a comfortable viewing level directly in front of the fireplace, or watch the screen mounted directly above, or even somewhere in between. Ideal for wood, masonry, and concrete constructions, PrimeCables’ fireplace TV wall mounts have a handle allowing a user to pull them down with significant ease.


Needless to say, there are some myths about mounting a TV over the fireplace that are untrue. For example, some people think they may experience more neck strain. That’s not really the case however – not with a fireplace TV wall mount or any mount, as long as it has been properly positioned to the eye-line. There are some who think mounting a TV above a fireplace might reduce image quality or that there may be heat-related issues. These are not issues we have ever seen or heard of from consumers who have bought mounts specifically to go over the fireplace.


Imagine having that immersive theatre viewing experience in the home. Just like being in the front row. Take advantage of a full-motion TV wall mount that anyone in the home that modify according to their preferences. The variety of capabilities that come with these mounts are second to none. Pull it down for a watch and then move it back to its starting point after you’re done watching. Enjoy a sports game, concert, your favourite TV show, movies, and more!


Buy the PrimeCables’ TV Wall Mounts & Stands Full-Motion Above Fireplace Pull-Down TV Wall Mount For 43″-70″ TVs today for only $169.99 with fast, free shipping included to anywhere in Canada. The features included in this exclusive product include swiveling arms, easy level adjustments, a folding design to save on space, a tilt allowing for easy positioning, a cable management structure to accommodate the TV in behind, and more.


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