Get a Cheap 32” Television Deal with Free Shipping from PrimeCables

lowest cost TV deal at PrimeCables
lowest cost TV deal at PrimeCables

Building the ultimate home entertainment system, there are variables that can be switched in and out. What every home theater setup has in common though is a high-definition screen. For cheap 32” television deals online with free shipping, PrimeCables has something to check out.


The HD TV 720p with LED backlit, 32” IPS LCD Panel television is not necessarily the most massive screen in size but it more than makes up for it in convenience and performance. Ideal for bedrooms or living spaces where a massive screen is not going to be a necessity, this cheap 32” television deal comes in at just under $200 making it a steal. A high quality LED TV, enjoy a number of advanced connection options, including a VGA input, three HDMI inputs, and ARC capabilities. Included in the tech is a 60Hz refresh rate which protects against motion blur, dual 7W speakers, digital outputs for multi-channel audio receivers and surround sound. Regular price, the HD TV 720p with LED backlit, 32” IPS LCD Panel television ranks in at $279.99. For this cheap 32” television deal and for a limited time only available exclusively through PrimeCables, the promotional price is only $195.99.


In our time providing high quality eCommerce solutions to Canadians, we have found that the biggest barrier to purchase has been additional shipping fees. Thankfully, this 32” television deal includes fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada, in addition to a 1-year product guarantee and free returns. Forego having to get up and out into corporate retail where one would be challenged to find a price this good for a similar model. Instead, shop from the comfort of your own home, save on shipping, and receive your high-definition TV in no time. Even better, feel encouraged to browse through some of the other home entertainment toys and home theater accessories. It will come as no surprise that one can significantly change the way they consume entertainment by picking up TVs, wall mounts, speaker systems, and more.


High-definition TVs have been all the rage for decades among consumers. That said, the price has not come down as much as it probably should have, similar to other consumer items. Tech is always advancing and that keeps the price high. For when you need a quality TV cheap in Canada, buy from PrimeCables and we can guarantee a quality product will be sent on its way to you. A great addition to any person’s media room, enjoy it with movies, TVs, concerts, games, and more!

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