Get the Cheapest HDMI Deal during PrimeCables 4th Anniversary

PrimeCables Birthday
PrimeCables Birthday

For PrimeCables’ anniversary celebrations this spring, we have priced some HDMI cables ultra-low as an exclusive from our family to yours. Enjoy some of the cheapest HDMI deals in Canada and spend as little as $6.99 and under to upgrade your home entertainment setup.


HDMI is amazing technology, providing consumers the opportunity to connect laptops, media streaming services, and more to their TVs. Just like you would on your laptop, watch any video, game, YouTube video, and more on the big screen by using an HDMI cable. Coming in different lengths and with different connectors, there are a range of different HDMI cables to browse and choose from. According to what your different devices have in terms of connectors and ports, one style of HDMI cable may come more recommended than others. Always be sure to do some research beforehand into the ports and connectors you’re working with, just to ensure that you have the right HDMI cable for the project in mind.


So many Canadians have come to us seeking high quality HDMI cables in the hopes of putting PC games, movies, and more on the big screen directly from their laptop. Easy to do and affordable through PrimeCables, there’s no reason not to consider adding an HDMI cable or two to the home entertainment setup. Enjoy the PrimeCables® Premium HDMI High Speed Ethernet Cable with Nylon Jacket (Gold Plated)-3Ft – 1/Pack exclusively for $6.99 during our anniversary sale. There are notable advantages to this HDMI cable including a Nylon braided jacket, gold-plated connectors on both ends, 4K video capability and dual-stream 1080p for 3D, Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio bit-stream capability, and HDMI Ethernet availability for high-speed, bi-directional communications. Also, receive a lifetime warranty and 1 free return included in your HDMI cable purchase. You can’t go wrong with that!


Cheap HDMI cables are about coming down on price, not on quality. PrimeCables works with top quality manufacturers and suppliers to ensure its cables conform to every specification. Be it your first HDMI cable, a replacement, or an upgrade, connect your laptop to your TV in no time. There are more expensive cables on the market, sure, and that’s fine. At this price point however, no HDMI cable comes close to that we’re offering today at PrimeCables. At the end of the day, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Buy, hook it up, and enjoy!

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