TV Mount 101 – How to Buy the Right TV Wall Bracket

How to choose a nice tv wall mount for your tv

When buying a TV wall bracket for your home entertainment setup, this is going to decide a lot about how TV media is consumed. Completely change the look of a space and add something extra the next time you decide to tune into a sports game, watch a movie, binge a TV show, or game.


How to buy the right TV wall bracket begins with knowing what screen size and what the VESA specifications are. According to size, weight, and more, this might help in narrowing down the options in terms of what brackets are compatible with your screen. Next, there are the room dimensions to map out. Consider where you want to place your bracket. Though not many will recommend placing it in direct opposition to sunshine, ensuring the mount comes with a tilt should be enough to handle any glare.


It also bears keeping in mind one’s viewing habits. How you mount your TV should depend on what you intend to use it for. Do you like to enjoy sports with friends – in that case, a more advanced model with a little more angling freedom to it might work. Do you enjoy the idea of being able to watch a movie with your loved one – then knowing where to mount it will be important. How to buy the right TV wall bracket comes down to these sorts of decisions.


Buying a TV wall bracket comes with many advantages and these types of ideas are just the start. For many Canadians, the enhanced viewing experience is more than enough to jump on board. Flat-screen TVs are built to be hung. That said, ensuring a safe, high quality TV wall bracket is used is key. In addition, there is knowing what accessories you intend to pair with your TV to get a gauge on what the home entertainment setup needs to be. After these key insights have been attained, you’re now ready to buy a TV wall bracket.


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