Build your Ultimate Home Theater on Budget

build a home theater cinema
build a home theater cinema

Tickets prices are rising at the movie theater, parking costs are going up, and sometimes, just leaving the house may seem like someone waiting for you at your front door, ready to dip into your pockets. Instead of spending so much time trying to consumer media outside the house, build your ultimate home theater experience at home, and invite your friends and family to enjoy media in the comfort of your own home. Skip the movie theater tickets and overpriced popcorn, and create the same vibes without ever having to leave the couch. Shop with PrimeCables today to build the ultimate home theater on-budget. Craft the optimum cinema experience at home!


Deciding to build your own home entertainment system setup, there are numerous elements you may or may not want to include. PrimeCables specializes in home theater system, home theater accessories, and more. Browsing our pages, you will find a range of home theater products including projectors, A/V splitters, monitors, TV screens, speakers, receivers, video players, media streaming devices, routers, and more. Selecting the products that best suit your vision, expenses can add up rather fast. Thankfully, with deep cuts sometimes with discounts up to 70% off, you can save quite a bit in the long run when shopping with PrimeCables. Also, when putting in an order of $49 or higher, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada – now that’s a high value.

build a home theater cimena at low budget
build a home theater cinema at low budget

And that’s just where we’re starting in terms of building a home theater system. Beyond the bigger purchases, you also need the cables to connect everything. Home theater cables are likely to include HDMI cables for connectivity to smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, VGA and DVI cables, audio cables, speaker wire, digital coaxial audio cables, smartphone and tablet connection cables, switches, network cables, and gaming console cables. Though the upfront costs are sometimes difficult to lower, the rewards are high. The vast array of streaming services and the convenience of being able to plug in your own media means that the ultimate home theater system might just be a few purchases away.


All PrimeCables purchase include free returns and a 1-year product guarantee, ensuring everything performs up to your standard and that you are fully satisfied. Don’t hesitate to browse the PrimeCables catalogue for more information.


Convenience and the ability to pause-and-play is all at your leisure when you have your own home theater system to toy with. More Canadian households are saving money by building their own home cinemas to experience movies, TV, concerts, sports, and more the way they want it. Begin building your own cinema experience and shop with PrimeCables today.

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