DIY Ethernet Cables with PrimeCables Crimping Tools!

In the market for crimping tools? Looking for a DIY Ethernet cable solution? If you want to customize your Ethernet cable lengths and save money doing it yourself, then PrimeCables Network Cable Tester & Crimping Tools Combo is for you!

Make Ethernet cables cheap, make them custom length, appropriate for any situation, and do it right, with this test and tool combo package, for just $12.99, which includes a multifunctional network cable tester and RJ45/RJ11 2-in-1 crimping tool with 8/6 pin ratchet. If you’ve never crimped CAT5 or CAT6 cable before, then watch this video and see how easily it’s done.

You can save a lot of cash by crimping your own cables, and these tools cover all the specifics: the tester check continuity in network connections for RJ-45 and BNC cables; while the crimping tool strips, cuts, and crimps any cables you’re making for whatever network environment you need them for.

If you’ve got a unique home office, workspace, or public event to network, then this package is essential to saving money, making the right size cables for the right setup, and making you the go-to person for networking solutions.

The crimping tool is made of low carbon steel material, with a sharp edge for cutting, anti-skid handle making it comfortable to use, and is equipped with a spring setting to make the pliers easier to use, as well as a lock setting for safety. Cut Ethernet cables and telephone wire with ease and personalize your networked workspace or home. If you’ve already got pliers, you can also purchase a network cable tester separately.

The cable tester features Line DC detecting, anode and cathode determination, a ringing signal, and determination of open, short, and cross circuit testing.

Each of these products comes with a 1-year warranty with free shipping for returns and you can get it now with fast shipping for just $5.95. Free shipping available on all orders $49 and up.

It’s the perfect pair of tools for keeping your networking labour under budget, whether it’s for rewiring your home network, doing handiwork on the office telephone and internet, or setting up public events like video game tournaments or a LAN party.

Save money and pick up this combo package, and get your Ethernet cable in bulk, saving you from spending cash on pre-fab cables sold with huge profit margins and a large premium for labour.

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