PrimeCables Anniversary Sale Coming Soon! Get your Free Shipping Coupon Code

PrimeCables Anniversary Sale is fast approaching and you’re invited to celebrate with us! This sixth of June until the ninth, from 10 AM (EST) to 10 AM, redeem one of two coupon codes at checkout, PrimeCables20 for 20% off anything on*, or PrimeCablesFS to obtain free shipping — as well as score dozens more deals on individual products!

PrimeCables 4th birthday anniversary sale
PrimeCables 4th birthday anniversary sale

*The Coupon code will be activated before the event start !

If you have never heard of PrimeCables, all you have to know is We Make Stronger Cables!

And join the PrimeCables Facebook Page to enter the contest, running until June 9, and tell us what item you’d like to win!

Our crazy deals will only last for three days, Wednesday until Saturday morning at 10, so don’t miss the opportunity to order some of our amazing line-up!

For instance, check out the ergonomically magical Electric Sit to Stand Adjustable Desk Riser Frame, for just $259.99. This is a desk frame, which, when used with an office tabletop, can be electronically adjusted to reduce fatigue, increase circulation, and help take care of your posture. This is an essential piece of furniture for ergoholics who want to maximize the ergonomic capacity of their office or home workspace. Start your journey to a better back with this amazing offer and find out what PrimeCables knows about ergonomics!

Or check out the luxurious equipment you could add to your gaming rig at home, the Dual LCD monitor desk mount! This item will be reduced to just $35.99 to celebrate PrimeCables Anniversary Sale and it’s the best way to upgrade your home office, battle station, or your employee’s desktop. Mount two flatscreen displays to this tabletop mount and achieve a better viewing experience that’s easy to manipulate with its fully adjustable arms and easy on the eyes. You can rotate it, swivel it, and tilt it, providing the most hands-on customizable dual display configuration.

If you’re into saving by shopping discount, then you’ll totally love our Mini-Amp and Bookshelf Speaker Combo deal, reduced from a market price of $234.98 down to just $99.99! This 30W Class-D Hi-Fi amplifier comes packaged with a pair of two-way 6.5” bookshelf speakers that taps into RCA stereo, 3.5mm aux, and includes a headphone port on the front panel. These are perfect for a minimalist desktop setup, in the library, or in the rec room at home, because they’re tiny in size, but rich and powerful in sound quality. Don’t pass up the chance to save big this June 6-9!

There are plenty more deals worth celebrating over, so check out our Anniversary Sale flyer and join in the festivities!

*Coupon excludes discounts on products marked as OEM, on sale, low profit, or clearance

See Facebook page for details

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