Save Big on USB Adapters & Power Strips During PrimeCables Anniversary Sale!

It’s PrimeCables’ birthday, and we’re celebrating it in style by offering some amazing discounts on USB adapters and power strips! As a leading online retailer of PC accessories, we offer a wide range of USB adapters, power strips, surge protectors, and data hubs to help you power up and stay connected. From charging your devices to expanding your connectivity options, our products are designed to make your life easier and more productive.

Here are some of the top products that we’re offering at discounted prices during our anniversary promotion:

Surge Protector Power Strip with 12 Outlets, 4 USB Ports & 1 Type-C Port, 1728J – PrimeCables®: This surge protector power strip is the perfect solution for all your charging needs. With 12 outlets, 4 USB ports, and 1 Type-C port, you can charge multiple devices at once. The 1728J surge protection ensures that your devices are protected from power surges and voltage spikes. During our anniversary promotion, you can get this amazing power strip for just $17.99 (regular price: $39.99).

6-Outlet Power Strip with Safe Lock, 3Ft 14AWG Cord, ETL Certificated – PrimeCables®: This power strip is designed for safety and convenience. With a 3ft 14AWG cord and 6 outlets, you can easily connect all your devices. The safe lock feature ensures that your devices are securely connected, while the ETL certification guarantees your safety. During our anniversary promotion, you can get this power strip for just $4.99 (regular price: $7.99).

7 in 1 Type C Hub to HDMI 4K,3 USB 3.0 Ports,100W Power Delivery,SD/TF Card Readers – PrimeCables®: This Type C hub is perfect for expanding your connectivity options. With 3 USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI 4K port, SD and TF card readers, and 100W power delivery, you can easily connect your devices and peripherals. During our anniversary promotion, you can get this Type C hub for just $24.99 (regular price: $39.99).

4-Port USB 3.0 Ultra Slim Data Hub Splitter with Micro USB Power Port, Black – PrimeCables®: This data hub splitter is perfect for expanding your USB connectivity options. With 4 USB 3.0 ports and a micro USB power port, you can easily connect your devices and peripherals. The ultra-slim design makes it easy to carry around, while the black color gives it a sleek and professional look. During our anniversary promotion, you can get this data hub splitter for just $8.99 (regular price: $14.99).

Now that you know about the amazing deals that we are offering during our anniversary promotion, it’s time to dive deeper into the benefits of these USB adapters and power strips.

For starters, surge protectors and power strips are essential accessories for any PC setup. They protect your devices from power surges, voltage spikes, and electrical noise, which can damage your devices and cause data loss. With our surge protector power strip, you can safely charge all your devices without worrying about any electrical mishaps.

On the other hand, our 6-outlet power strip is perfect for those who want a simple and affordable solution for charging their devices. Its safe lock feature ensures that your devices stay connected securely, while the ETL certification ensures that you are safe from any electrical hazards.

For those who want to expand their connectivity options, our Type C hub is the perfect solution. With 3 USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI 4K port, SD and TF card readers, and 100W power delivery, you can easily connect your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and other peripherals. The Type C port allows for faster data transfer speeds and charging capabilities, making it a must-have accessory for any tech-savvy individual.

Finally, our 4-port USB 3.0 data hub splitter is perfect for those who need to connect multiple USB devices to their laptop or PC. With its ultra-slim design and black color, it’s a sleek and professional accessory that can fit in your pocket or bag.

In conclusion, our USB adapters and power strips are essential accessories for any PC setup. Whether you want to protect your devices from electrical mishaps or expand your connectivity options, we have the perfect product for you. So, what are you waiting for? Visit PrimeCables today and take advantage of our amazing deals!

Get the Best Deals on Monitors & TV Mounts at PrimeCables Anniversary Sale

It’s PrimeCables anniversary, and we’re excited to share some amazing deals on monitors and TV mounts with you! Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home office or entertainment system, we have everything you need to create a more comfortable and productive environment. From high-quality monitors to sturdy TV mounts, our anniversary sale has something for everyone.

Here are some of the top products on sale during this promotion:

  1. Ergonomics Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount for Most 17″-30″ LCD Monitors – PrimeCables Regular price: $69.99 Anniversary sale price: $49.99

This mechanical spring desktop mount is perfect for anyone who needs to adjust their monitor frequently throughout the day. It can hold monitors ranging from 10 to 30 inches in size and can be easily mounted on your desk. The mount is made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and stability, making it perfect for everyday use.

  1. Full-Motion Dual Monitor Desk Mount Regular price: $89.99 Anniversary sale price: $69.99

If you need a dual monitor setup for work or gaming, this full-motion desk mount is an excellent choice. It can support two monitors up to 27 inches in size and allows you to adjust the height, tilt, and swivel for maximum comfort. The mount is also made from high-quality materials that ensure stability and durability.

  1. Dual Monitor Desk Stand Regular price: $89.99 Anniversary sale price: $69.99

This dual monitor desk stand is perfect for anyone who needs to use two monitors but doesn’t have the space for a wall-mounted setup. It can support two monitors ranging from 22 to 32 inches in size and is designed to save space on your desk. The stand is also height-adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect viewing angle for your needs.

  1. Heavy Duty Tilting Curved Flat Panel TV Wall Mount Regular price: $29.99 Anniversary sale price: $14.99

If you’re looking for a sturdy TV mount that can support larger screens, this heavy-duty tilting wall mount is an excellent choice. It can support TVs ranging from 37 to 70 inches in size and can tilt up or down to find the perfect viewing angle. The mount is also designed to be easy to install, making it a great choice for DIY enthusiasts.

Don’t miss out on these amazing deals on monitors and TV mounts during our anniversary sale. With prices this low, you can upgrade your home office or entertainment system without breaking the bank. Shop now and take advantage of these limited-time offers before they’re gone!

Don’t Miss Out on PrimeCables Birthday Sale: Get the Best Deals on Standing Desks

Happy birthday, Primecables’ enthusiasts! To celebrate this special occasion, PrimeCables is excited to offer amazing deals on our top-selling standing desks and ergonomic accessories. Whether you’re a freelancer, a gamer, or just looking to improve your home office, our products are designed to help you elevate your work and stay comfortable all day long.

First up, let’s take a look at our standing desk frames. We’ve got three amazing options available for our Primecables birthday promotion:

Sit-Stand Dual Motor Height Adjustable ADR Desk Frame Electric

This high-quality desk frame features dual motors for ultra-smooth and quiet height adjustments, an anti-collision system to prevent accidents, and a sturdy build that can support up to 220lbs. Plus, it’s compatible with a wide range of desktop sizes and shapes, so you can customize your workspace to your exact needs. And during our Primecables birthday promotion, you can grab it for just $305.99 (regular price: $405.99)!

Dual Leg L-Shape Height Adjustable Sit and Stand Frame Electric for L Shape

If you’re looking for a desk that can fit in a corner or provide a more spacious work surface, this L-shaped frame is perfect for you. With a smooth and powerful electric motor, adjustable height settings, and a durable construction, this desk can handle anything you throw at it. And for a limited time, it’s on sale for just $349.99 (regular price: $449.99)!

Sit-Stand Height Adjustable Electric Desk Tiltable Desktop Mahogany/Black

This sleek and stylish desk frame is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of elegance to their workspace. Featuring a tiltable desktop for improved ergonomics, a powerful electric motor for easy adjustments, and a sturdy build that can support up to 154lbs, this desk is the perfect blend of form and function. And during our Primecables birthday promotion, you can get it for just $299.99 (regular price: $379.99)!

But we’re not just offering great deals on standing desk frames – we’ve also got a wide range of ergonomic accessories to help you improve your posture, prevent aches and pains, and make your workspace more comfortable. Here are just a few examples of what we have to offer:

  • Monitor mounts: Whether you’re using a single screen or multiple monitors, our monitor mounts can help you position your displays at the perfect height and angle. This can help reduce eye strain, neck pain, and shoulder tension, and make it easier to focus on your work. Plus, our mounts are easy to install and adjust, so you can customize your setup to your exact preferences.
  • Keyboard trays: If you spend a lot of time typing, you know how important it is to have a keyboard tray that’s at the right height and angle. Our keyboard trays are designed to help you achieve the perfect ergonomic position, with adjustable height and tilt settings, and a spacious surface that can accommodate your mouse as well. And with a variety of mounting options available, you can find the perfect fit for your desk and your needs.

These are just a few examples of the ergonomic accessories we have available – we also offer desk converters, footrests, lumbar supports, and more. And during our Primecables birthday promotion, you can get all of these products at unbeatable prices!

So why should you consider investing in a standing desk or ergonomic accessories? Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Improved posture: Sitting for long periods of time can lead to poor posture, which can cause aches and pains in your neck, shoulders, and back. Standing desks and ergonomic accessories are designed to help you maintain a more natural posture, which can reduce discomfort and improve your overall health.
  • Increased energy and focus: When you’re sitting all day, it’s easy to start feeling sluggish and unproductive. But standing desks can help increase blood flow, oxygenation, and energy levels, which can help you stay focused and alert throughout the day.
  • Customized comfort: Everyone’s body is different, which means that everyone’s ideal workstation setup will be different as well. Standing desks and ergonomic accessories allow you to customize your workspace to your exact needs, which can help you feel more comfortable and productive.

So if you’re ready to take your workspace to the next level, head on over to and check out our Primecables birthday promotion. With unbeatable prices on top-quality standing desks and ergonomic accessories, you’re sure to find everything you need to elevate your work and improve your health.

Buy An iPhone Cable You Don’t Need To Worry About Breaking

Have you broken your iPhone cable – it happens to the best of us! It’s annoying and frustrating and it sucks. No secret there. When our iPhone USB cable breaks, we can sync or charge our smartphones. What you can do to prevent a broken iPhone cable is simple. Buy a high-quality lighting cable.

Can You Avoid Breaking An iPhone Cable?

An iPhone cable is going to get bent, carried, stepped on, and maybe worse. It’s an inevitability something will happen that causes it to break. That’s why you need an Apple-certified MFi-certified USB lightning cable.

There are non-certified cables you can buy online. They are cheap, come in all sorts of colors, resemble very advanced designs, and did we mention they’re cheap… yeah, they don’t work well. They can be dangerous to your device and even fry the motherboard in some cases. An Apple-certified USB lightning cable does not have that same problem.

Anything Apple-certified is built well and built to last. Always start there when searching for a reliable iPhone cable.

Buy A Braided Lightning Cable For Everyday Use

A Nylon braided lightning cable can withstand almost anything. Braided equates to more protection. You protect the Apple chip inside, of course, but more importantly, you protect the wiring.

If a pet chews on it or if the USB cable gets caught in a closing door, a braided USB lightning cable’s more likely to withstand the trauma. They are the best lightning cable in 2021 in terms of design.

PrimeCables We Make Stronger Cables

Furthermore, the same applies to Android USB cables. Any sort of braided cable is unparalleled with the protection it offers. This is what will give an iPhone lover their best chance at having a lightning cable that lasts.

Where Can You Buy Braided iPhone Cables in Canada?

Shop high-quality braided iPhone cables at and get them at the best discount possible. For any sort of USB cable in Canada, is the best resource you’ll find.

Some people will tell you, if you want your lightning cables to last longer, use them less. Use in moderation. Don’t roll them up or too often. Don’t wrap them up. Use multiple lightning cables so you can rotate them in and out.

All of those tips are helpful but you still need an iPhone cable every day. There’s no avoiding it unless you are wirelessly charging your smartphone device. Evidently, even with that, it’s not always possible to wirelessly charge when you’re on public transportation or on the go.

Buy an iPhone cable from and you won’t have to worry about it breaking. A Nylon-braided lightning cable is the best going. Get yours on sale this June and celebrate’s birthday with us. All June long, it’s our biggest sale yet!

Buy the Best Headphones and Earbuds on Discount for our June 2019 Birthday Sale!

PrimeCables’ Birthday Sales is fast approaching and audiophiles get to benefit. This June, you’re going to see some of the best discounts and deals on home theater and audio accessories including headphones and earbuds. Get ready to tune into music and tune out what annoys you. Here are our favourites going on-sale this upcoming June 2019.


Stereo ergonomic earbuds – $5.99


Inexpensive and high quality, these stereo ergonomic earbuds with a mic and volume control pair perfectly with any smartphone, MP3 player, iPhone, or iPod. Plug them in and set your device to your favourite streaming service. Then, find your zen. You won’t find a better price than this and it’s all available from PrimeCables.


Wireless Bluetooth sports earbuds – $9.99


Sometimes you just want to shut out the world and you don’t want a wire wrapped around you while doing so. For the ultimate affordable wireless Bluetooth sports earbuds, this is the model you want. For when you need to give it something extra in the gym or out for a run, or just to build a quiet space in your head to enjoy music, here’s one of our favourite pairs.


Enhanced bass noise isolating earbuds – $11.99


Noise isolating earbuds can be nice as they provide a little added comfort, sheltering you from what’s going on in the outside world. Any unwanted noise is done. Now, even $100 headphones aren’t going to completely block out all surrounding noise, there’s a lot design can do to help dampen this noise and leave you to enjoy your listening experience without interference.


Over-the-ear DJ-style headphones – $19.99


If you enjoy having headphones over the ear, get lost to your favourite artists and music with this DJ-style headphones on-sale. There are dozens of companies making absolutely amazing headphones today but so many of them cost upwards of $100s. For under $20, you can get an affordable, high quality pair from PrimeCables.


Wireless Bluetooth earbuds – $29.99


Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices, this pair of earbuds succeeds others and is one of the best on the market. If price is not an issue and you want to go beyond the features of the more basic version included on this list, the wireless Bluetooth earbuds are the best in Canada. Enjoy an immersive listening experience with rich highs and deep, body-shaking bass.


Enjoy the lowest prices in Canada on headphones, earbuds, wireless Bluetooth earbuds, and more for Prime Cables June 2019 birthday sale!

A Look at Home Theater Speakers and Subwoofers on-sale for PrimeCables’ Birthday

Home theater speakers and subwoofers are on-sale in a big way for PrimeCables’ June 2019 birthday sale. Browse discounts as deep as 70% off some items and see the best home theater speakers in Canada from one of the country’s top distributors.


Desktop multimedia USB-powered speakers – $14.99

If you’re living in a dorm or in a small space where you’re watching the majority of your media through a laptop or computer, consider these USB-powered multimedia speakers. This is a great way to heighten the quality of your sound without spending a truckload on bulky speakers.


Stereo Bluetooth wired and wireless speaker – $54.99


For a multi-purpose home theater speaker, do without the multi-speaker and subwoofer home entertainment setup. Through a Bluetooth wired and wireless speaker, you can use it for your regular media setup as well as pairing it with your smartphone, tablet, and more. Play your favourite music and anything else on it with a full function remote, superior sound quality, and multiple input options.


2.1 multimedia stereo powered speaker – $24.99


This is the perfect speaker and subwoofer set for PCs, smartphones, and small media setups. Anyone building a small home theater is well recommended to purchase these. They sound amazing, will rock all the highs and lows just the way you want, and the quality of the design’s second to none.


Bookshelf speakers 2-way pair – $49.99


Included is fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. These high-performance bookshelf speakers work well for offices, apartments, dorm rooms, and other living areas. For their price, they’re probably the best bookshelf speakers in Canada. Rest assured, you’re getting a high quality sound with these.


60-watt powered subwoofer – $114.99


If you already have your heart set on a great set of speakers yet they don’t come with a subwoofer, this is the best subwoofer there is. For a home theater system or music entertainment system, this subwoofer’s no joke. The PrimeCables’ 60-watt subwoofer is great paired with bookshelf speakers or other home theater systems.


5.1 channel home theater speaker/subwoofer- $149.99


We have saved the absolute best for last. These home theater speakers work wonderfully. Solid and heavy, this system is used by gamers, musicians, and documentary-watchers, to binge-watch TV and movies, and more. Enjoy a 5.1 home theater surround sound system you will love having around.


Browse all these amazing deals and more for PrimeCables’ June 2019 birthday sale and get them on discount!

Celebrate PrimeCables’ Birthday on June 6 with these RedflagDeals Exclusive Deals

PrimeCables’ annual birthday sale is coming up this June 6 and in celebration, we’re marking down almost everything in our eCommerce store. These are just some of the exclusive deals to find between now and June 6. Come and enjoy!

PrimeCables birthday dual monitor mount
PrimeCables birthday dual monitor mount

Smartphone mount for in-the-car

There are a few smartphone car mounts available from PrimeCables – one with magnetic which is very convenient for those accustomed to short trips and one that affixes to the air vent. Drive safe with a smartphone mounted at eye-level where you can see and touch its screen while you’re on the road.

Apple-certified 1-metre USB cable

The perfect USB sync and charge cable that is Apple MFi-certified 1-metre in length and Nylon-braided. This is one of our best June sales deals going. Feel free to browse other USB charging cables, HDMI cables, and other cable types.

Height adjustable children’s desk

PrimeCables’ multi-functional ergonomic height adjustable desk and chair set is perfect for establishing good habits at a young age. Also, the fact that it’s height adjustable means, while they’re still growing, you won’t need to buy them a new desk a few years down the line.

Audio cables

Do you need to hook up a home theater system with advanced audio – PrimeCables has countless Nylon series deals with gold-plated banana plug connectors. Browse discount audio cables you won’t find anywhere else for the same price.

Ergonomic desk

For adults who have their own home office or personal workstation in the home, they may find immense value in a sit-standing height adjustable desk. There are numerous desks in the PrimeCables catalogue and at a wide array of sizes as well as price points.

Dual monitor mounts

Clear off space on your desktop and set yourself up with a dual LCD monitor desk mount. Built heavy duty and with a capacity to fit two screens up to 27” in size, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your ergonomic workstation.

Ergonomic earbuds

Stereo earbuds with a mic and volume control are perfect for smartphone use. At a more inexpensive price point than what you’ll find in-store at a Walmart, Best Buy, or anywhere else, purchase your next set of earbuds through PrimeCables and why not pick up a few extra pairs while they’re on sale – go for it!

Height adjustable laptop stand

If you enjoy watching things on your laptop with your loved one or stay in bed watching movies, media, and more on your laptop, consider getting a 360-degree rotatable and height adjustable laptop stand on-sale for our big birthday sale!

Shop these deals, discounts, and exclusives from PrimeCables for our birthday sale, and receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on all orders above $49!

PrimeCables Anniversary Sale Coming Soon! Get your Free Shipping Coupon Code

PrimeCables Anniversary Sale is fast approaching and you’re invited to celebrate with us! This sixth of June until the ninth, from 10 AM (EST) to 10 AM, redeem one of two coupon codes at checkout, PrimeCables20 for 20% off anything on*, or PrimeCablesFS to obtain free shipping — as well as score dozens more deals on individual products!

PrimeCables 4th birthday anniversary sale
PrimeCables 4th birthday anniversary sale

*The Coupon code will be activated before the event start !

If you have never heard of PrimeCables, all you have to know is We Make Stronger Cables!

And join the PrimeCables Facebook Page to enter the contest, running until June 9, and tell us what item you’d like to win!

Our crazy deals will only last for three days, Wednesday until Saturday morning at 10, so don’t miss the opportunity to order some of our amazing line-up!

For instance, check out the ergonomically magical Electric Sit to Stand Adjustable Desk Riser Frame, for just $259.99. This is a desk frame, which, when used with an office tabletop, can be electronically adjusted to reduce fatigue, increase circulation, and help take care of your posture. This is an essential piece of furniture for ergoholics who want to maximize the ergonomic capacity of their office or home workspace. Start your journey to a better back with this amazing offer and find out what PrimeCables knows about ergonomics!

Or check out the luxurious equipment you could add to your gaming rig at home, the Dual LCD monitor desk mount! This item will be reduced to just $35.99 to celebrate PrimeCables Anniversary Sale and it’s the best way to upgrade your home office, battle station, or your employee’s desktop. Mount two flatscreen displays to this tabletop mount and achieve a better viewing experience that’s easy to manipulate with its fully adjustable arms and easy on the eyes. You can rotate it, swivel it, and tilt it, providing the most hands-on customizable dual display configuration.

If you’re into saving by shopping discount, then you’ll totally love our Mini-Amp and Bookshelf Speaker Combo deal, reduced from a market price of $234.98 down to just $99.99! This 30W Class-D Hi-Fi amplifier comes packaged with a pair of two-way 6.5” bookshelf speakers that taps into RCA stereo, 3.5mm aux, and includes a headphone port on the front panel. These are perfect for a minimalist desktop setup, in the library, or in the rec room at home, because they’re tiny in size, but rich and powerful in sound quality. Don’t pass up the chance to save big this June 6-9!

There are plenty more deals worth celebrating over, so check out our Anniversary Sale flyer and join in the festivities!

*Coupon excludes discounts on products marked as OEM, on sale, low profit, or clearance

See Facebook page for details

PrimeCables 2-Day Birthday Sale – Save up to 50% off on All Cables & More

primecables birthday sale

PrimeCables is Canada’s top eCommerce online shopping retailer for all things related to cables and charges. Browse through the hundreds upon hundreds of products and pair them up to the devices already in your possession.


If you have ever complained about cables breaking, USB cables not charging fast enough, video cables not having so great a picture, or Ethernet cables not getting the job done, this marks a great opportunity to get some replacements!

primecables anniversary sale

The PrimeCables’ 2-day birthday sale extends 50% off across our entire cable selection. Use the PrimeCables birthday coupon on HDMI cables, audio cables, USB cables, computer cables, video cables, Ethernet cables, DisplayPort cables, Apple cables, smartphone and tablet cables, and AC power cables and adapters.

In addition to over 50% off on cables, all products purchased through PrimeCables receive free returns, a 1-year product guarantee, and on order above $49, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada.

Primecables birthday promotion

Just as an idea to some of the savings ahead, some of our most recommended cable items include the Premium USB 2.0 to Micro 5Pin USB Charge & Sync Cable for $1.29, the 6FT Cat6 550MHz UTP 24AWG RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable for $1.99, the PrimeCables® 1M Lightning Cable, Apple MFi Certified Lightning to USB Charging Sync Cable-3FT for $3.99, and the 1FT 24AWG Cat5e 350MHz UTP Bare Copper Ethernet Network Cable – Monoprice® for $1.14.

For two days only, those prices are going to come down even more. You won’t find a deal like this anywhere else! Inexpensive, high quality cables that won’t put your devices at risk are challenging to find. We spend so much time enjoying tech. Low quality cables are not an option. Buy only the highest quality cables via PrimeCables and never have to compromise on price. Keep devices connected, charged, and synced up, ready to go with never a doubt of failure.

Though a lot of the cables we sell are available in similar, lesser quality formats everywhere from Wal-Mart to gas stations, these discount cables may put your devices at risk or end up breaking down way sooner than you would hope.


Instead of going for the convenience of buying a bad cable around the corner, shop with PrimeCables for premium product at 50% off for our two-day birthday sale. High-standard cables are just a buy away so be sure to stock up to enjoy free shipping after $49. Supply your home entertainment system, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more with premium cable through PrimeCables birthday sale.

PrimeCables’ Birthday Anniversary is on June 7th

When is PrimeCables Birthday 2018? It’s on June 7th and will end at June 9th


happy birthday PrimeCables June 7th 2018
happy birthday PrimeCables June 7th 2018

Update: PrimeCables Birthday will be held between June 7th-9th

This June 7th is a big day for us at PrimeCables as we celebrate another year of delivering high quality products at discount prices to Canadian households far and wide. Throughout the past year, we are happy to see continued growth, heightening sales, and expanding reach to more Canadians than ever before. As a Canadian-owned company, we pride ourselves on the top of the line service, high quality products, and competitive pricing terms we offer. Enjoy exclusive bonus sales and promotions for customers, and never have to look anywhere else for these kinds of purchases.

PrimeCables 4th birthday anniversary sale
PrimeCables 4th birthday anniversary sale

PrimeCables built its specialty originally off of consumer cables however since then, we have expanded our product line to include home entertainment systems, smart home accessories, network solutions, tools and appliances, mounts, sit-stands, and more. Be it on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, summer sale, Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Christmas and holiday sale, we have consistently raised the bar for our customers, attaining record success year over year. Enjoy the biggest bang for your buck year-round with time-marked sales. Take in discounts that you won’t find anywhere else and enjoy high quality value on online-exclusive brands.


Shop with PrimeCables and enjoy exclusive benefits that only our customers enjoy. If you are a first-time customer, take in free shipping on your first order of $10 or more. If you are a returning customer, no worries – we still got you covered. Enjoy free returns, a 1-year product guarantee, and fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49. There’s all this and more waiting for you when you shop with PrimeCables. For us, June is one of the most wonderful times of the year as it allows us to acknowledge the team members who have contributed to our success.


Feel encouraged to take the time to browse our catalogue this June 6 ahead of some big summer savings just around the corner. As an example, some of the biggest successes in our newest arrivals section include a Portable Foldable TV Display Stand for 32″ ‐ 55″ Displays max 77 lbs for $169.99, a Full-Motion Above Fireplace Pull-Down TV Wall Mount For 43″-70″ for $127.99, a Digital Outdoor TV Antenna Smartpass Amplified Antenna with Built-in 4G LTE Filter for $59.99, and a 4-Port Smart Charging 34W 6.8A USB Wall Charger with Foldable US Plugs for $9.99.


As we look back, we would also like to issue many thanks to the Canadian households who have helped us build our brand. Thank you to our customers and all those who have helped make PrimeCables one of the fastest growing eCommerce companies in Canada!