What to Buy on PrimeCables’ Birthday Party Sale – an HD LED Television in your Bedroom!

PrimeCables’ birthday party sale features our official PrimeCables LED TV on significant discount for a limited time only. As a part of our PrimeCables anniversary sale, we have an HD TV 720p with LED backlit, 32” IPS LCD Panel television on discount from its original price of $279.99 to a record-setting low of $195.99 with free shipping to anywhere in Canada included!

PrimeCables smart home weekly deal

32-inch LED TVs under $200 are not so easy to find – unless one wants to have a lesser quality model. That’s not what PrimeCables is about. We continually search for the best quality products for our customers. The 32” HD LED TV is available to buy today. Put in your order and receive your television in a matter of days. Having a smaller to average size HD LED TV like this for the bedroom can help add a new dynamic to the room. Imagine being able to watch movies, concerts, YouTube, TV shows, and more from bed. There’s no reason to wait for the PrimeCables birthday party sale as the HD LED television discount has already been applied. Buy today!

primecables LED TV deal
primecables LED TV deal

Over the years, the demand for 32 “ TVs has risen. Bulks of these TVs have been sold by corporate retail, with some sales happening online. Though there are more HD LED TVs out there than ever before, prices have not necessarily fallen as much as we would have hope or expected. That’s why PrimeCables has swooped in as Canada’s answer. Buy HD LED flat-screen television from PrimeCables and enjoy the merits of shopping online.


In addition to saving hundreds and still receiving the same high quality high-definition flat-screen product, there are numerous other features to enjoy with this set. There’s the crisp 720p resolution as well as the 60Hz rate with reduced motion blur, dual 7W speakers for enhanced audio, coaxial digital output for connection to surround sound systems and more, three HDMI inputs, and one VGA input. There’s not another TV at this price point that can compare.


Shop today with PrimeCables, and receive free returns and a 1-year guarantee on your HD LED television purchase. Embrace the possibility of bedroom TV. Enjoy having a screen at home with all the latest advantages. The simple interface contained within the LED TV will allow for easy access to content and connection to mobile devices including laptops. Based on user preference, the 32” LED TV continues to receive amazing ratings from Canadian households across the country. Celebrate today with the PrimeCables birthday party sale, and save money by shopping with PrimeCables.

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