Build your own speaker sound system on a budget!

Building a speaker sound system is essential to your home theatre experience, and if it’s your first time setting one up on your own, don’t worry! Whether it’s simplicity or affordability you’re looking for, we’ve got what you need at

Primecables HIFI speaker
Primecables HIFI speaker

We’re dedicated to providing the most affordable, highest quality, and easiest to install products across every category of our catalogue. In Speaker Systems and Cables, we have subcategories for Speakers with Subwoofers, Portable and Bluetooth Speakers, Speaker Wires, Optical Toslink, Coax Audio Cables, and Volume Controllers. Click through to start shopping.

If you’re seeking guidance in building your own speaker sound system, this is what you need to think about first, according to the HGTV blog:

  • the layout of the room, where are your displays, seats, and free spaces?
  • what kind of display are you using, are you a gamer or cinephile, small or big screen?
  • what audio equipment do you already have, is there a stereo amp or receiver in your TV space, do you have loudspeakers installed?
  • what devices require sound? do you have a media player or media centre device, gaming console, PC? what needs to be wired, with what cables, and where are they positioned?
  • do you require surge protection or other safety features for special circumstances?
  • how are you managing your cables? are they tidy or cluttering up the space behind the display? do you have a wall mounted screen with an option for extensions or additions? could you add speakers there?

Right now, you can get our 30W Mini Amp on sale for just $43.99 that’s perfect for setting up your first home theatre. This mini amplifier is tiny, fitting anywhere in your room, rated Class D for high fidelity audio quality, with a built-in headphone port, and black matte finish with gold-plated connectors. The dual channels support two 15W RMS to 4 ohms, and two 8W RMS to 8 ohms.

You can catch our video demonstration of the mini amp on YouTube.

Another popular product of ours is the Bluetooth IPX5 Waterproof speaker, available at the low price of $15.49. This rechargeable speaker is equipped with connectivity for phone calls, FM radio tuners, expandable memory, as well as intelligent playback and breakpoint memory to keep track of music that you can play and pause at the touch of a button.

Complete with a 15 metre range, this Bluetooth waterproof speaker is the perfect toy for listening to music at home, in the shower or pool, at the beach, or on the go, using the attached clip, making it easy to add to a backpack for hiking, climbing, and biking.

All orders $49 and up qualify for free shipping across Canada. With warehouses in Vancouver and Montreal, you’re sure to get your package within a week, with fast shipping available on all orders for just $5.95.

So what are you waiting for? To build your home theatre on a nickel and dime, it’s simply time for!

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