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Speaker wires are necessary for your home theatre set up and when it comes to audio cables, PrimeCables has got the best in quality and value.


Right now, you can score 50 feet of 16AWG Speaker Wire for just $12.99. This designed for loudspeaker, oxygen-free copper cable is perfect for hooking up high end speakers, with a clear PVC jacket and two conductor cables with colour coding for matching polarity, and easy to connect with banana plugs.


With minimal distortion and minimal sound impurities, this 99.9% oxygen-free copper wire has several advantages over copper clad aluminum wires, because of its increased conductivity, reduced electrical strain, superior corrosion resistance and heat absorbtion, as well as fewer maintenance costs. Check out the comparison chart here.


One of our most popular products, you can order yourself a 50-foot spool today and add fast shipping to anywhere in Canada for just $5.95; with warehouses in Vancouver and Montreal, you’ll be sure to receive your shipment in a day or two. If you’ve got a shopping list of A/V supplies to get yourself, load up on the PrimeCables catalogue and get free shipping on all orders of $49 and up.

primecables speaker wire cable
primecables speaker wire cable

This high purity, oxygen-free copper wire carries a wide range of frequencies, with low signal loss and specifically designed with an emphasis on the low end for loud and clear audio reproduction.


Now, you may be asking yourself, what speaker wire gauge should I use? We recommend thick wire (12 or 14 gauge) for long runs, high power, and speakers with low-impedence, that is, 4 or 6 ohms; and for short runs (less than 50 feet), or 8 ohm speakers, 16 gauge wire is probably the best solution.


The 50ft 16AWG oxygen-free copper speaker wire is perfect for installing surround sound in your home theatre, home office, at concerts, dances, parties, in the bar, garage, or mancave. Simply plug them in and get blown away by the high fidelity playback, virtually absent distortion and loss, and rest easy knowing PrimeCables specializes in providing cables with maximal durability, cost efficiency, and sound quality.


If these specs aren’t quite what you’re in the market for, then check out some of these other deals from our speaker wire catalogue.


For instance, you can get the same wire on a 100-foot spool for just $39.99. Or, consider the 14AWG 100-footer, coming with five pairs of high quality banana plugs, for just $29.99.


For the best in price, lifespan, and ubiquity, in cables, hardware and accessories, we’ve got everything you need at!

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