Relax after a Hard Day doing Back to School Shopping with These VR 3D Glasses

It’s highly common and quite natural for parents to get really involved in their back to school shopping. Even so, for parents and kids, back to school shopping can be a real hassle unfortunately. When you’re ready to relax after a long day of shopping, we typically go to gadgets like smartphones or watch a little TV. A cool way to combine a few of these activities together while exploring something new might be through the VR 3D glasses.


The VR 3D virtual reality Glasses headset for games and movies from PrimeCables is available on special offer for a limited time at $13.99. These VR 3D glasses are a great way to relax after some back to school shopping and might also make a great gift for a child to ease the transition from summer to school. The VR 3D glasses we have on sale is compatible with iPhone models 6S, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, the iPhone6 Plus, the Samsung Galaxy 5S, 6S, Note4, Note 5 S6, and any other smartphones running Android operating systems from 4.0 to 6.0.


If you’ve never handled virtual reality 3D glasses like this, it’s pretty easy. The lens is high-definition, pupil distance dimension is adjustable allowing for comfortable viewing for any user, the strap is adjustable, and there’s a double joint eye-guard for easy comfort. After buying these VR 3D glasses, choose from over 1,500 apps which are downloadable from your App store. Depending on whether you’re working from an iPhone or Android product, the applications available to you will be different. At the end of a long day of shopping, all you’ll need to do is slap in your smartphone, turn on your app, and watch through the glasses.


As good as it is to be involved in back to school shopping, it’s always nice to unwind. These VR 3D glasses are great at doing just that. Especially when the kids are coming along for the back to school shopping, this might be an easy gift to introduce them to using a smartphone or to provide them with a new cool way to use their smartphone.


This back to school shopping season, please feel free to browse the PrimeCables catalogue for other products on discount. We have numerous products related to school, studying, and offices, including an impressive ergonomic kids’ desk and chair set, and there are countless others. Stock up with PrimeCables and enjoy fast, free shipping on orders above $49 to anywhere in Canada!


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