What is the Best Ethernet Cable in Canada for 2018 – Read Here!

Ethernet cables in Canada come in a range of types, lengths, sizes, and specifications. As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce sources for Ethernet cables and accessories, we pride ourselves on having the most complete selection in the market today.


PrimeCables has a wide variety of Ethernet network cables, including Cat7, Cat6/6a, Cat 5e, phone cables, fibre optic cables, and bulk network cables. We also carry numerous related products, such as keystone jacks, network routers and switchers, and keystone wall plates.


But what’s the best Ethernet cable in 2018 – that’s the question! Which one you buy is ultimately up to the technology you’re buying for. As found with customers who have already done their Ethernet shopping with PrimeCables, some devices have more complex, elaborate needs than others. If you’re new to the world of Ethernet network cables and don’t have a clear idea on what you might be shopping for, this is a great place to start.


Internet network connections can either operate wirelessly or through cables. As impressive as high-speed wireless internet is, Ethernet cable connections provide typically a faster performance and is less prone to lagging. For video gamers or those in need of some pretty heavy internet connectivity, Ethernet network cables are a necessary part of their network setup. If you want to upgrade your Ethernet cables or want to switch to Ethernet connection, we have a few suggestions.


Some of Canada’s favourites from PrimeCables includes the 6FT Cat6 550MHz UTP 24AWG RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable – Blue – PrimeCables® for $1.99, the 10FT Cat6 550MHz UTP 24AWG RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable – PrimeCables® – Blue for $2.69, the 1FT 24AWG Cat5e 350MHz UTP Bare Copper Ethernet Network Cable – Monoprice® – White for $1.14, the 6FT Cat6 550MHz UTP 24AWG RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable – Red – PrimeCables® – 1/Pack for $1.99, and the 15FT Cat5e 350MHz UTP 24AWG Ethernet Network Cable – Blue – PrimeCables® – 1/Pack for $2.29.


Any of these choices make for great Ethernet network cables and count as some of the best cables we have in our eCommerce catalogue. From other sources, these same cables can fetch for as high as $19.99 and above. Thankfully, PrimeCables has been able to negotiate with its supplies exclusive discounts for its customers. Browse different lengths, types, and speeds to find the perfect Ethernet cable for your needs. Also, when you buy Ethernet cables in bulk from PrimeCables, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49!

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