What Are the Advantages to Using an RJ45 Cable – read here!

RJ45 cables and connectors are one of the preferred mechanisms to use in connecting to Ethernet. RJ45s are most commonly seen in offices where the strain on the Internet is significant. Computers, printers, network storage, cable models, DSL models, and more.

What type of RJ45 cable do I need to use?

There are two types of RJ45 cables. ‘Standard patch cables’ are used to connect a device or computer to a network router or switch. Then, there are ‘crossover cables’ which are used to connect two computers without a router or switch between them. In most cases, and to most homeowners or small business owners, they will choose a standard patch RJ45 cable.

RJ45 cables as an alternative to fiber optic tech

Fiber optic is a competing technology to RJ45 cables. The biggest disadvantage to fiber optics are that they are very expensive to install, despite the fact that it’s usually faster than an RJ45. There are two big disadvantages to a fiber optic connection compared to an RJ45 cable. Any data you want to transmit over a wireless connection can’t be transmitted at the speed of an RJ45 cable. Also, a wireless connection opens yourself up to others hacking in and exposes this data to possible interception.

Can I use an RJ45 cable outside?

Yes, you can use an RJ45 cable for Ethernet connection outdoors, such as to network between homes or other buildings. To do so however, you will need a specific outdoor RJ45 burial patch cable. These are built with higher quality materials, such as pure copper and with gold-plated connectors. An RJ45 patch cable like this is weatherproofed to a degree and exceeds the functionality that a regular Ethernet cable will be able to give you.

Why wouldn’t I just go wireless?

You can try to use a wireless connection between buildings but if you’ve ever tried it, you’ll know connection quality can vary, you open yourself up to electromagnetic interference, and it’s plainly not worth it if speed and security are a priority.

Can I just use an ordinary Ethernet cable for outdoors?

If you try to use a standard non-outdoors Ethernet cable – such as a Cat 5e or Cat 6 Ethernet cable – it will work temporarily. That said, any sort of semi-extreme temperature and humidity is going to slowly damage the cable and reduce its usefulness. Considering how labour-intensive installation can be to get an RJ45 cable to connect between buildings, it makes more sense to do it right the first time and to use a cable that’s actually built to last.

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What You Need to Know About Buying Ethernet Cables in Canada

So much focus is put on wireless Internet and wireless connectivity that it’s forgotten that it’s Ethernet cable which is the most common network cable for homes and businesses in Canada.

Ethernet cables can come in the form of Cat 5e cables, Cat 6 cables, and Cat 7 cables. ‘Cat’ standing for ‘category’, of course. The number that follows is the generation of the cable. There are specific benefits to obtaining each of these cables and for a limited time, you can buy Ethernet cables from PrimeCables at 30% off!

Cat 7 Ethernet cables are particularly very impressive. They boast an impressive performance, with excellent durability and flexibility. They’re a go-to for gamers and home theater enthusiasts seeking a faster, more reliable connection than what a wireless connection can give. Buying PrimeCables Ethernet cables, you can rest assured you’re going to receive a high quality cable Canada-made. See excellent features as well, such as interference protection, something that’s space-efficient, and always a secure, reliable connection. Speed and reliability is key for any Ethernet cable, and this has it.

If you’re running a complex office network with multiple computers tapped into your Internet, there’s a lot of room there for the connection to go down or for problems to happen. Wireless connections are advancing at a rapid pace but a wired connection has a level of stability to it. Ethernet uses cable which is faster than wireless and more consistent. For businesses and homes downloading large files, an interruption can really mess things up. Fortunately, an Ethernet Cat 7 cable isn’t going to go down. You’ll always be connected. This is why it’s a go-to for offices, gamers who don’t want lagging game play, for anyone downloading large files, or for home theater enthusiasts streaming large-sized Blu-ray level HD videos.

Let’s not forget security – another key point for office connections. WiFi can be hacked while Ethernet can’t. To get into an Ethernet connection, you need to be wired and have a physical attachment. There’s no chance of any hacking or data loss. A WiFi signal can also be interfered with unintentionally with dropped signals, greater latency, and lower speeds. Ethernet doesn’t have this problem.

There are certainly situations wherein WiFi is the preferred selection. If you can’t risk an unstable connection, need to stream or download HD videos, have over a half-dozen devices connected at any given time to your network, or want the utmost security, Ethernet wins out. Buy quality Ethernet cables at 30% off from PrimeCables today for a limited time.

Should you use Ethernet Cable instead of Wi-Fi for Gaming – read here

For gamers, some prefer using an Ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi arguing it provides faster, more efficient gaming. They’re not wrong. Wireless speeds are not as reliable as a wired connection. An Ethernet connection provides a reliable, stable connection direct from your console to the router. You’re taking out variables like distance and obstructions, common in wireless, and instead replacing it with a connection and download speed you know is not going to provide any issue.

Setting up an Ethernet network cable can be a bit of a hassle and in some situations, it’s not such a fancy thing to look at. Even so, a wired connection will accomplish two things – first, you’re getting stability and second, a faster speed than wireless. Although some modern wireless routers can give speeds high enough for gaming, if there’s bandwidth problems or instability involved, you don’t want latency or issues with the Internet connection making the experience difficult. Ethernet’s the strongest connection you can have.

For argument’s sake, a wireless connection is prone to use from other users and devices on the network. It has to share that wireless signal among all of them. The more people on the network, the higher the possibility of latency happening. Through wired Ethernet, so many variables are immediately are gone. For gamers who make the switch, they almost never go back to wireless. Normally, a gamer can expect to see faster download speed, better ping numbers, and more reliable connections overall.

For the best Ethernet cable in Canada, shop PrimeCables. Choose from Cat7 network cable, Cat6a network cable, and Cat5e cable. There is no better place to get bulk cable than with PrimeCables, as we offer fast, free shipping on all orders above $49 as well. No matter if you’re needing short-length, medium-length, or long-length cable, we’ve got it.

PrimeCables also has several other gaming-friendly options you might enjoy, like speaker and monitor mounts, HDMI cables, USB cables, various audio and video cable and device adapters, computer monitors, headphones, surge protectors, and more.

Ethernet cable is not just perfect for gaming but can be used for a home entertainment system and/or if you’re hosting a server for a website or web-based application. Anything where you know you need a high quality Internet connection that’s not going to fail you and that will consistently deliver the highest speeds or bandwidth possible, a wired Ethernet connection is needed. Shop yours today at PrimeCables.

Cat5 vs. Cat6 Cables – What are the Differences

Cat5 and Cat6 cables are installed in thousands of Canadian households, although few homeowners precisely how they work or what they’re capable of. Homes that need an upgrade may not even know they require one.


Cat5 and Cat6 Ethernet cables are used to connect computers, servers, and other Internet devices to modems and ISPs. As Internet speeds have progressed in the last decade and a half, Ethernet cables have come a long way as well to accommodate the need for greater performance.


Although Cat5 cable has become obsolete, the standard has an alternative in Cat5e which stands for ‘Cat5 Enhanced’. Released roughly 15 years ago, the Cat5e cable provides stronger performance with speeds up to 10 times faster and the ability to travel over longer distances without crosstalk.


Comparatively, Cat6 network cables have been around for over a decade and are used throughout numerous networks. Cat6 cables can process 10 Gigabits of data at a time with bandwidth limited to 164 feet. It’s about ten times faster than Cat5e cable. If you’re looking for improvements on distance, there’s also the Cat6a cable which keeps up the same speed over longer distances of up to 328 feet.


There are many similarities between Cat5 and Cat6 cables. They utilized a lot of the same hardware, including the RJ-45 Ethernet jack. They plug into the same ports and can easily be switched out one for the other. The materials used to manufacture them is sometimes different. Their capabilities certainly vary. That said, there is a standard for all Ethernet cables out there ensuring that no matter what you’re using, it’s compatible with every Ethernet port.


Once a consumer understands the difference between Cat5 and Cat6 cables, their next question’s typically which one do you use – well, it depends. Cat6 cables have better, more advanced technology however if you’re looking to install Ethernet cables in a residential home, you can get by with Cat5e easy. Cat5e cables will meet every need you have, with a capacity to handle speeds your Internet connection won’t even be able to provide.


If you’re a small business, office, or commercial enterprise, you’re going to require faster Internet, faster internal speeds, and may have a lot of processing requirements. In most cases, Cat6 Ethernet cables are going to be the way you want to go. They’ll service your commercial needs better and you also won’t need to replace them five or six years down the road when the Internet’s expanded to the point where you need a faster cable.


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How to Use an Ethernet Cable to Connect your Home

Are you looking to hook up your Ethernet cable to connect your home – PrimeCables can help. As one of Canada’s top eCommerce sites for Ethernet cables and network solutions, browse dozens of products to help connect your home with the fastest Internet cables on the market.


The first step towards connecting your Ethernet cable will be to set yourself up with a great modem. Connect your modem to where is recommended and then use a router to connect to the room where you want to have Ethernet access. Test to ensure your WiFi is working fine. If Internet’s working, that’s great. Now we can move onto the next step which is installing your Ethernet cable.

network ethernet cables
network ethernet cables

Connect the Ethernet cable to from the port on the back of the router to the patch panel. In a nutshell, that’s all you really need to go to hook up your Ethernet cable. Now if your Ethernet connection is not working, you may want to check your modem’s capabilities to see if there’s a problem with what’s expected in the connection chain.


Keep in mind that unless you’ve bought your Ethernet cable from a reputable company like PrimeCables, the cable itself could be broken or there may be an issue with the connectivity there. If you’re working with a professional installer, they may be able to test the Ethernet cable.


For the average Canadian household, the hardest thing about creating an Ethernet connection will be figuring out how to get the cable from your computer or devices and to your router. Ideally, your PC will only be a metre or two away from the router. If not, you may have to drill some holes in the wall or through the floor, having to run cable along the way to get a connection. Using a Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6e, Cat7 network cable, or more advanced Ethernet cable, you can keep the process simple and straightforward.


Some of the top Ethernet cable deals in Canada include six feet of Cat6 Ethernet network cable for $1.59, ten feet of Cat6 Ethernet cable for $2.15, 1 feet of Cat5e bare copper Ethernet cable for $1.14, ten feet fo Cat5e Ethernet network cable for $1.91, fifteen feet of Cat 5e network cable for $2.29, and 25 feet of Cat6 Ethernet network cable for $3.43.


Shop amazing PrimeCables deals on Ethernet cable and all types of network solutions. See ‘free shipping’ on all orders above $49. Buy in bulk and save $100s off Ethernet cable, computer accessories, home theater products, and more!

What is the Best Ethernet Cable in Canada for 2018 – Read Here!

Ethernet cables in Canada come in a range of types, lengths, sizes, and specifications. As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce sources for Ethernet cables and accessories, we pride ourselves on having the most complete selection in the market today.


PrimeCables has a wide variety of Ethernet network cables, including Cat7, Cat6/6a, Cat 5e, phone cables, fibre optic cables, and bulk network cables. We also carry numerous related products, such as keystone jacks, network routers and switchers, and keystone wall plates.


But what’s the best Ethernet cable in 2018 – that’s the question! Which one you buy is ultimately up to the technology you’re buying for. As found with customers who have already done their Ethernet shopping with PrimeCables, some devices have more complex, elaborate needs than others. If you’re new to the world of Ethernet network cables and don’t have a clear idea on what you might be shopping for, this is a great place to start.


Internet network connections can either operate wirelessly or through cables. As impressive as high-speed wireless internet is, Ethernet cable connections provide typically a faster performance and is less prone to lagging. For video gamers or those in need of some pretty heavy internet connectivity, Ethernet network cables are a necessary part of their network setup. If you want to upgrade your Ethernet cables or want to switch to Ethernet connection, we have a few suggestions.


Some of Canada’s favourites from PrimeCables includes the 6FT Cat6 550MHz UTP 24AWG RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable – Blue – PrimeCables® for $1.99, the 10FT Cat6 550MHz UTP 24AWG RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable – PrimeCables® – Blue for $2.69, the 1FT 24AWG Cat5e 350MHz UTP Bare Copper Ethernet Network Cable – Monoprice® – White for $1.14, the 6FT Cat6 550MHz UTP 24AWG RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable – Red – PrimeCables® – 1/Pack for $1.99, and the 15FT Cat5e 350MHz UTP 24AWG Ethernet Network Cable – Blue – PrimeCables® – 1/Pack for $2.29.


Any of these choices make for great Ethernet network cables and count as some of the best cables we have in our eCommerce catalogue. From other sources, these same cables can fetch for as high as $19.99 and above. Thankfully, PrimeCables has been able to negotiate with its supplies exclusive discounts for its customers. Browse different lengths, types, and speeds to find the perfect Ethernet cable for your needs. Also, when you buy Ethernet cables in bulk from PrimeCables, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49!

The Best Choice for Networking Ethernet Cable for Construction Companies – Check PrimeCables

ethernet cable from PrimeCables
ethernet cable from PrimeCables

Installing networking cable in construction is a costly, time-consuming process. Save hundreds on networking Ethernet cable when you buy through PrimeCables. As a growing Canadian eCommerce favourite among construction contractors and cable installers, we have numerous types of networking cable that are sure to appeal to any construction project. Browse some of the lowest pricing in Canada on cat 6 cable and more!


For construction companies, browse thoroughly through the PrimeCables network solution category to find a range of different items that may appeal to your project. There are network Ethernet cables, home network routers and switchers, keystone jack and accessories, cable organizers, network tools and testers, business routers and switchers, surveillance cameras and CCTV products, and patch panel rack and cabinets. Depending on the construction project you are working on, any of these products may be appealing to you and/or your client.

PrimeCables networking cable
PrimeCables networking cable

At PrimeCables, what we really want to focus on however is the networking Ethernet cable. Some construction companies when working on commercial projects end up requiring hundreds of feet of Ethernet cable. The expense does add up in the end, especially if one is going through a vendor who is not concerned with giving you the best price for the product. That’s why at PrimeCables, we work with our manufacturers to provide the highest quality product at the cheapest possible cost. Before you get ready to kick off your next network construction, there may be a more affordable way to expand a network. Choose PrimeCables for the best prices in Canada on networking construction Ethernet cable.


Buy favourites including the 6FT Cat6 550MHz UTP 24AWG RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable – Blue for $1.99, the 10FT Cat6 550MHz UTP 24AWG RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable for $2.69, the Cat6 Punch Down Keystone Jack – White for $2.29, the 2 Port Keystone Wall Plate for RJ45 RJ11 RJ12 RCA F-Type Jack – White for $0.59, and the 3FT Cat6 550MHz UTP 24AWG RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable – Blue for $1.49.


Beyond simply quality and pricing of the product, there are also other advantages to shopping with PrimeCables. There’s fast, free shipping on orders above $49 to anywhere in Canada so if you order enough ahead, you can easily get away with paying any additional fees. We also provide free returns and a 1-year product guarantee ensuring that you are fully satisfied with your Ethernet cable purchase. For construction companies and their clients who are looking to enhance or extend the reach of a new or existing network, there’s only one place to buy the best priced Ethernet cables and that’s PrimeCables.

Cat5e Bulk Networking 1,000-ft. Cable sells for only $79.99 with Free Shipping

1000ft ethernet cable cat 5e
1000ft ethernet cable cat 5e

1,000 ft. network cable that is perfect for high-speed Ethernet data applications. Buying bulk network cable has never been this easy or cheap thanks to PrimeCables.

As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce online shopping sites for network cable, PrimeCables specializes in cables, adapters, tools, home theater connection, internet connection, and yes, network cable. For households and projects that require hundreds of feet of network cable, the Cat5e bulk networking 1,000-ft. cable sells for only $79.99 with fast, free shipping included to anywhere in Canada.

1000ft ethernet cable from PrimeCables.ca
1000ft ethernet cable from PrimeCables.ca

The Cat5e 24AWG UTP Solid Bulk Cable, In-Wall Rated (CL2), 1000ft – PrimeCables® – White has received 4.75/5 stars on our site and is held up as one of the best cables in the market. Complete with 24 AWG solid conductor, complete compliance with Cat5e specifications, measurement of cable runs, and 4-pair unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable. Custom network installations deserve the highest quality cable they can afford. That said, budget is always something to be aware of. Needless to say, at this price point, the Cat5e bulk networking 1,000-ft. cable is second to none. Buy it in blue or white!


Cat 5e network cable has been around for years and was once held up as one of the most advanced Ethernet cables available, supporting higher frequencies and speeds than its competitors. Today, the Cat5e (“e” being for enhanced) is the standard for Ethernet cabling. Backwards-compatible and with the capacity to be used alongside previously-installed Cat5 cable, the Cat5e cable has been shown to be very adaptable. A reliable workhorse of a cable, Cat5e bulk cable from PrimeCables is also the most economical and convenience option when searching for this kind of cable.

Cat5e cable from PrimeCables is great for Ethernet networks targeting business or home use. If you need to connect multiple servers, individual computers, workstations, or other components in a single network, the Cat5e bulk networking 1,000-ft. cable is the way to go. Its capacity to handle fast data transmission without losing or degrading the signal is a key feature, which is why it’s still used today in telephone systems, CCTV, and television studios.


The next time that you are searching for a 1,000 ft. network cable, a bulk network cable of any variety, or specifically a Cat5e cable, shop with PrimeCables. All of the advantages and terms we mentioned are just a click away. Suitable for any Ethernet network setup, get a functional and effective cable that won’t need replacement a few years down the line. For only $79.99, that’s quite the steal!

PrimeCables’ Birthday Expert Shopping Tip – Buy Network Ethernet Cables at the Lowest Price in Town

Network Ethernet cables at the lowest prices in Canada are what we’re offering at PrimeCables birthday sale. As a growing Canadian eCommerce company, we specialize in network solutions for homes and businesses.

primecables Ethernet cable deal
primecables Ethernet cable deal

Thousands of orders have come in over the years from small businesses and residential customers seeking to upgrade network Ethernet cables. Why we get so many consumers coming to us searching for network solutions is because PrimeCables has high quality network Ethernet cables for cheap prices that can’t be beat!


Browse hundreds of items across PrimeCables categories including network Ethernet cables, keystone jack and accessories, network tools and testers, patch panel rack and cabinet, surveillance camera & CCTV, HDMI cables, network modular connectors, business router and switcher, cable organizers and management, home network router and switcher, fiber optic cables, and network adapters and couplers.

network cable canada

In celebration of PrimeCables’ upcoming birthday in late spring, we are marking down select network cables to huge discounts of up to 70% off. Among the most popular network Ethernet cables in our collection includes the 6FT Cat6 550MHz UTP 24AWG RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable – Blue – PrimeCables® for $1.99, the 10FT Cat6 550MHz UTP 24AWG RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable – PrimeCables® – Blue for $2.69, and the 3FT Cat6 550MHz UTP 24AWG RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable – Blue – PrimeCables® – 1/Pack for $1.49.


Using Ethernet cable to connect different devices and technologies makes it easy to keep a space secure on a single wired network. There’s a reason why Ethernet cables are today the preferred network cable for wired networks. Connect PCs, routers, switches, and more. Though there are limitations to Ethernet cables – such as distance – for high performing, durable cable in this category, there’s only one place to go in Canada. PrimeCables’ network Ethernet cables have proved time and time again to be the best bang for your buck. If you’re laying down some Ethernet cable in your space, go with PrimeCables. We provide free returns, a 1-year guarantee, and fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on all orders above $49.


Above all else, Ethernet cables are there to offer performance and protection against electrical interference. Wire devices in the home or inside the office and enjoy the benefits of connecting all these different tools and resources on one hub network. Although Wi-Fi and Bluetooth has all but replaced Ethernet cables in many applications, there are still some situations where Ethernet cable is unquestionably preferred.

Your Ultimate Ethernet Cable Solution

networking cable primecables
networking cable primecables

Ethernet is a high-tech LAN technology that allows a user to connect multiple systems via a LAN network connection. There are a multitude of benefits to using Ethernet which is why it has been so popularized these last two decades. For example, Ethernet offers connectionless communication, making it great for a number of uses. If you are interested in buying an Ethernet cable, the ultimate Ethernet cable solution can be found with Prime Cables.


To build a network using Ethernet, the great thing about this is that it is relatively inexpensive. A user can keep their costs low and compared to other systems, Ethernet is far and away one of the more affordable options.

It Does not Require any Switches or Hubs

Not to get too technical on you but it does not require much to setup, architecture-wise. There are no switches or hubs required, making installation easy. It does not follow client-server architecture either, giving all the same privileges. Any maintenance and administration is quite simple as well. For small businesses all the way up to the highest corporate conglomerates, Ethernet has been adopted across Canada and internationally as the premiere connection solution.


Data Transfer Quality is Near Excellent

Among other benefits of using Ethernet networking cable solution are that the cable itself is robust to noise. What does this mean exactly? Well, it means a lot of different things. The main thing though is that, due to the Ethernet cable being robust to noise, the quality of any data transfer is not going to degrade. On top of this, if one sets up a Gigabit network, data transfer speeds can range up to as high as 1-100 Gbps! There’s no one that wouldn’t want to tap into that kind of transfer speed which is above and beyond what alternatives can offer. These are all things to ponder when planning to set up your Ethernet LAN connection.


Which Ethernet Cable is Right for Me – Check out our Selection!

 Looking through Prime Cables selection, there are several different options to choose from. In addition to choosing the cable itself, you can browse the various wireless network routers such as the TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750. There are also switchers such as the TP-LINK TL-SF1005D 5-Port that might be of interest.


When you are looking for affordable Ethernet cables in Canada, we offer the lowest prices with fast, free shipping on orders over $49. As one of the most popular forms of network cable used on Canadian business networks, we are proud to be able to offer this premium product at the most affordable possible price point for the consumer. Find the best Ethernet cables with Prime Cables, and shop and save today.