How to Connect Speaker Wire for your Home Theater System

Speaker wire is a preferable home theater accessory for Canadians looking to DIY their home theater system. Providing households the chance to customize their home theater experience, if you know how to connect speaker wire, there’s no telling what one can accomplish.

Buy PrimeCables speaker wire that is cheaper and better than amazon
Buy PrimeCables speaker wire that is cheaper and better than amazon

Speaker wire is used primarily to connect speakers to the receiver. When we buy a set of home theater speakers and an A/V receiver, speaker wire is what connects everything together. In larger home theater setups, speaker wire can play an even bigger role, bringing entirely unique audio accessories together in a unified arrangement.


How to connect speaker wire for your home theater system is simple. Look for any red or black-indicated speaker terminals in behind your speaker set. This is one area where the speaker wire will connect to. Next, one wants to look on their receiver for similar terminals. If it sounds simple, it’s because it is. As these are not precut and predetermined cables though, it’s easy for some of us to overcomplicate things.


Regarding speaker wire, there are a few ways one wants to be careful. For speakers to function properly, the wire connected to the positive terminal of a receiver or amplifier must also be connected to the positive of the binding post. The same should be the case for the negative terminals. Speaker wire will not function otherwise. Color should be able to tell them apart.


Another common question received about speaker wire is what gauge speaker wire to use. The answer depends entirely on how one intends to use this wire. For larger and more advanced home theater systems, thicker wires – such as those at 12 or 14 gauge – are better for long wire runs, high power applications, and low-impedance speakers. For the average size home theater system, thinner gauge wire – such as 16-gauge – is recommended.


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Some of the best home theater systems in Canada use speaker wire to get it done. Connecting receivers, amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, and whatever else you got, speaker wire is one of the most valued home theater accessories you can buy.

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