What Are The Most Common Audio Cables For Home Theater Systems?

There are several different setups for home theater systems, which makes it somewhat tricky to know what audio cables to use for the best audio performance.

It’s always recommended to use the very best digital connection that your system can handle. The better the signal, the better the sound. However, some devices still transmit analog signals as opposed to digital. Fortunately, you can still work with these using converters.

Here are some of the more common audio components and audio cables in use for home theaters.

Components of Home Theater Systems

Home theater systems usually consist of one or more audio sources such as CD, DVD and cable, and the receiver, which is the sound system. Audio cables are required to connect the two components.

Interconnecting audio cables offer either analog or digital transmission and overall, digital is considered the best for sound quality.

Types of Audio Cables

The most common audio cables are either coaxial, fiber optic, HDMI and Stereo RCA cables.

D1725 rca audio cables professional audio cables

Features of Audio Cables

Coaxial cables can handle up to six audio channels, which makes them ideal for use with 5.1 surround sound systems. These cables work with CDs, DVDs, satellite receivers, digital cable boxes, and HDTV receivers.

Fiber Optic cables work the same as coaxial cables, but they transmit signals as pulses of light, which results in nearly perfect transmission and better performance.

Stereo RCA (Red and White) cables transmit analog signals for CDs, DVDs, satellite receivers, digital cable boxes, HDTV receivers, VCRs, and cassette.

HDMI cables include up to eight audio channels and video transmission and can be used with 6.1 and 7.1 surround sound systems.

Types of Home Theater Systems and the Most Common Cables Used

The type of audio cable used typically corresponds to the type of home theater audio setup you have.

  • Dual Channel sound systems can use Coaxial, Stereo RCA, HDMI and Fiber Optic cables.
  • Analog sound systems use Coaxial, Stereo RCA, HDMI and Fiber Optic cables.
  • Digital 5.1 surround sound systems use Stereo RCA, HDMI, Coaxial and Fiber Optic cables.
  • Digital 6.1 surround sound systems use Stereo RCA, HDMI, Coaxial and Fiber Optic cables.
  • Digital 7.1 surround sound systems use HDMI cables only, due to their ability to support eight audio channels.

The Sky Is The Limit

As technology continues to evolve, there will be even higher quality signal transmitters and receivers in audio cables.

As the quality improves, audio cables will continue to improve right along with the technology. Shop today’s best home theater audio cables at PrimeCables.ca and tap into premium-grade audio signal transfer by your preference.

8 Super Cheap Ways to Upgrade Your Home Theater in 2021

Home theaters get expensive. A DIY home theater system from PrimeCables.ca though has accessories starting at under $0.99. You don’t need lots of money or space to redesign your entertainment room.

Here are 8 super cheap ways to upgrade your home theater in Canada without spending thousands.

Buy A Smart TV Box

A smart TV Android box turns any monitor or screen into a computer more or less. It gives you an operating system just like a smart TV, connects to the Internet, and gives you lots of games and entertainment to enjoy.

Try A Bluetooth Soundbar

A home theater Bluetooth soundbar allows you to connect your smartphone and play music or podcasts whenever you like, in addition to having it act as your home theater speakers. A Bluetooth soundbar also takes up very little space.

Sort Your Wires And Cables

Your HDMI cables and home theater wires can be an eyesore. Upgrade what you have and consider cables ties or ways to tie them together, clean up the look a bit, or channels to use to obscure them.

Invest In An HDTV Antenna

You can buy an HDTV antenna for less than $15. If you live in a city, it’s worth investing in. You can receive free over-the-air TV any time you like, whether you have an existing cable subscription or not.

Have Accent Lighting

A set of USB LED strip lights can be installed on the back of your TV or wherever you see fit in a home theater room. Adjust them to the color you like. This not only helps make images clearer and reduces eye fatigue but will also add some much-needed atmosphere to the room.

0f413 other brands lvb tvl 10208 led tube panel usb led strip lights with rf remote control for tv background lighting home decoration

Try Height Adjustable Speaker Stands

A set of height-adjustable speaker floor stands lift your speakers up off the floor and give a professional look to your home theater. If you aren’t using a soundbar or don’t have speakers already featured in some way, this can be a way to add a lot of flash to your entertainment space.

Try A TV Wall Mount

Home theater mounts are very affordable. They can be used for your flat-screen and even speakers, if you like. A TV wall mount will lift your flat-screen and create a more theatrical experience for you to enjoy.

A1763 primecables cab lpa36 466 tv wall mounts stands full motion articulating tv wall mount for 37 to 70 flat panel tvs primecables

Buy A Wireless Multimedia Keyboard

A mini 2.4GHz portable keyboard eliminates the need for multiple remotes. It syncs up to everything – gaming consoles, TV, speakers, HD players, and more. One remote to rule it all!

32a7f primecables cab mini keypad gaming accessories mini 2 4ghz portable wireless multimedia keyboard with multi touch touchpad mouse primecables

Shop all these cheap home theater accessories and others at PrimeCables.ca. See what’s possible on a budget and be shocked by what you’ll find. Check us out online, with fast delivery available Canada-wide.

How To Build A Home Theater For Under $300

“It doesn’t matter how amazing a home theater is, if we can’t afford it, we can’t afford it.”

That’s a sentiment shared by many. As fun as it is to dream up this amazing flat-screen setup, affordability really matters.

At PrimeCables.ca, you can build a home theater for under $300. It can take some minor adjustments but it’s more than possible. We say this because we’ve done it ourselves. It’s easy, assuming you’re prioritizing the right elements for you. Here’s how you do it.

Your Flat-Screen

A screen is, by far, going to cost you the most. You can buy a 1080P 43” for under $250 but it’s going to eat up a lot of budget. You can buy a 720P 32” TV for slightly less and still retain the HD image you want.

Try A Projector Instead

Another way to save money on the screen and free up some budget is to buy a projector or a mini projector. These can be slightly less expensive, take up less space, and still deliver a quality picture.

Home Theater Speakers

If you’re working with a budget under $300, you don’t need a set of speakers per se. If you’re prioritizing audio though, you can find some excellent quality speaker systems in the $50 range equipped to handle all the volume you want.

Home theater diy dream home theater

Android Smart TV Box

You need something to watch with your home theater system. If you don’t have a smart TV, convert what you do have into one with an Android smart TV box. It’ll connect you to your Internet and give you access to all sorts of apps and media.

HDMI Cables, Adapters, Etc.

You may have some things you want to hook up, like gaming consoles and the like. Buying new HDMI cables or adapters and switches can help retool your home theater to connect different devices and further expand its capability.

Should You Mount Your TV?

A TV wall mount can cost as little as $10 or under and adds a different dynamic to your home theater. It makes it feel a little more like a movie theater. A luxury, we know, but to some, well worth it.

Couches And Seating

Home theater spaces are all about comfort. That means where you sit. If you’re determined to remain under budget, spending money on seating is a no-go. Every day, people are moving. Couches and chairs are given away routinely. Find a decent and comfortable set you can recover and repurpose for your room.

It takes some compromise, of course, but anyone can create a home theater system with creativity for under $300. Shop all these items from PrimeCables.ca today and get your home theater set up!

Why Is A Home Theater Projector Better Than A Flat-Screen?

Flat-screens are big business. Home theater builders and media lovers are bred into thinking they’re what’s best for any sort of home entertainment room. In actuality, a projector has a theatrical feel you can’t duplicate with any television or computer monitor. Here’s why home theater projectors are better than buying a new flat-screen.

Blow Up Your Image

Change the size of the screen according to how you like it, enlarging it for groups or keeping it smaller for more intimate watches.

Bring It With You

Have you tried taking a 72” flat-screen around with you – it’s a trip! A projector is a lot easier to carry. You can take a home theater projector with you and set it up at a friend’s place for an event, take it with you to work for a presentation, or use it outdoors for a little late-night movie projection.

You Recreate A Theater

If movies are your thing, skip the $20 popcorn and price of admission in favor of watching a theater-sized projector screen at home. Especially if you have a big family room, a projector’s ultimate.

The Price Is Worth It

Home theater projectors can be quite expensive. Even so, you get HD 4K quality images on projector models at less of a cost than what a similarly-sized flat-screen would cost you.

You Save Space

Even if you mount a TV, it’s going to take up a certain amount of wall space. A projector has to be mounted but it’s ultimately not going to take up very much space at all. In a lot of city apartments and condos, it can be a great investment if you’re dead-set on having as large a screen as the room will allow.

They Are Highly Adaptable

A 4K home theater projector can be connected to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It can be used for gaming as well which is incredibly fun. They’re very adaptable and doesn’t necessitate the same physical infrastructure as a flat-screen. This can annoy some home theater builders, however. It’s up to you what you feel is best.

You Won’t Have To Buy A New One

Projectors last a long time. Flat-screens do, too. With new flat-screens coming out every year though, it can be tempting to want to buy a new flat-screen seasonally. With a home theater projector, you’re getting a premium image from the get-go and it’ll stay that way.

There’s nothing like seeing an image blown up big and clear in quality on an HD projector. Whether you’re buying a 1080P or 4K projector for your home theater, find them both at PrimeCables.ca.

What Is The Best Home Theater System For You?

The ultimate home theater setup is not just about a flat-screen and a set of speakers. It’s an atmosphere and a vibe. It’s the quiet place you can retreat to after a long day of doing work, watching whatever you like in solitude and comfort.

What the best home theater is can take a bit of thought to figure out but with the right home theater accessories, you can certainly answer the question for yourself and get it done on a budget.

Here are some important questions to ask when creating your ultimate home theater.

Do You Have A Smart TV?

If you have a smart TV, awesome. Move onto the next question. If you don’t, buying an Android smart TV box will convert any flat-screen with an HDMI input into a smart TV. It’s an important investment.

What Speakers Do You Want?

Classic surround sound home theater speakers exist. So do Bluetooth soundbars that are very dynamic and often smaller. If you are particularly low on space, a simple set of multimedia computer speakers may be enough.

Where Do You Want To Put Your Screens?

Thanks to TV wall mounts, you can more or less put a screen anywhere in your entertainment space. Hang them from the ceiling, over a fireplace, on a swing arm, or keep them flush with a wall. You can also choose to mount your speakers in a similar way, should you enjoy this presentation.

4b003 mounts stands ergonomics mounts stands ergonomics

What Does Your Home Theater Lighting Look Like?

Another way to recreate that sort of theatrical and immersive look is to use lighting, i.e. LED strip lights as backlighting or a dimmer to bring down the intensity of the lights to a faint glow. Homeowners spend months working away on how to light their home theater rooms. It can necessitate some experimenting to get just right but when you do, you’ll know.

How Many Remotes Will You Need?

When you start adding up the inventory of devices you have – PC, Android box, gaming consoles, Blu-Ray player, satellite dish, etc. – that’s at least two or three remotes. Simplify things with a wireless multimedia mini keyboard. A single remote to rule them all!

Do You Have Enough Home Theater Cables?

Cables are the unspoken element of every home theater system. It’s an inevitability that you’ll need cables. Lots and lots of cables. Most likely HDMI cables. With limited HDMI inputs on your screen, this can be a problem. Consider what’s possible with adapters and switches, or buy multiples when it comes to cables, ensuring it’s not a struggle plugging in different consoles or devices.

9bbda hdmi cables how to choose hdmi cables

Check in at PrimeCables.ca for the best home theater deals in Canada. See award-winning cables and home theater accessories to solve the problem of how to build a home theater system that’s right for you.

What’s The Best Home Theater Projector In 2021?

Home theaters are changing. The days of big, heavy flat-screens are done. It’s either light computer-inspired, tech-heavy flat-screens that are more like monitors or projector screens.

A projector is a unique alternative to a flat-screen. To a degree, it’s more adaptable. You can achieve a larger picture with a home theater projector and it’s less costly compared to a similar size in a flat-screen.

There are also many types of projectors available, from classic home theater models to mini and portables. Here are some of the best projectors in 2021 in the home theater space, well worth spending on.

BenQ Wireless Smart Projector

The BenQ wireless smart projector is one of the best on the market. It’s totally wireless so an easy setup. It’s also equipped with hassle-free wireless streaming and comes with built-in apps as well as a Bluetooth speaker. This has got to be one of our favourites by far.

Epson PowerLite Wireless LCD Projector

The Epson PowerLite Wireless LCD projector is similar to the BenQ model and offers Miracast streaming. You have that same wireless connection as well as Full HD 1080P image quality. In design, it’s a little thinner than the BenQ projector but both are easily portable. This Epson home theater projector includes an HDMI port and 3200 lumens. A very impressive model.

BenQ PowerLite LCD Large-Venue Projector

If you have a very large room – like we’re talking the size of a classroom or even larger – a projector’s got to be equipped with the best picture quality, lens shifting, and connectivity to guarantee there won’t be any issues. That’s what this BenQ LCD large-venue projector is for.

The price is a little steep for the average home theater enthusiast but for those looking for a high-end projector, this is it. 5500 lumens. 1080p. 15,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. Stream HD content. Android screen mirroring is also possible. It’s all there in this BenQ projector, a fine addition to a luxury entertainment and home theater system.

1080P Mini Projector

The 1080p mini projector is portable and operates via Bluetooth. It is really made for outdoors, portable use, and not necessarily at-home entertainment units.

That isn’t to say you can’t use it like that. If you’re looking for some adaptability, this might be the model for you.

Do away with your TV! Switch to an HD 1080p projector. You won’t regret it. If you love large HD image quality, a projector is definitely where you want to put your wallet. It will take your home theater to the next level. Shop all sorts of home theater projectors and more at PrimeCables.ca today.

The Best TV Wall Mounts in 2021 According To Home Theater Experts

A sturdy, stylish TV wall mount is not hard to find nor are they particularly difficult to install.

TV wall mounts come in all sorts of shapes and sizes though so selecting yours isn’t as straightforward as one might think. Whether you’re short on available space or are looking to upgrade your home theater to something a little more lively, here are the best TV wall mounts in Canada as selected by our home theater experts at PrimeCables.ca.

Full Motion TV Wall mount

If you’re looking for a very basic full motion TV wall mount, this is it. On sale for less than $14, a home theater system with this mount has the full motion they want in a compact design. Hang your flat-screen with confidence.

B3d56 primecables cab psw738 tv wall mounts stands full motion tv wall mount 17 to 42 inch primecables

Heavy Duty Tilt TV Wall Mount

This heavy duty tilt TV wall mount stands flush with the wall and doesn’t take up much space at all. Designed for large flat-screens, this budget-friendly mount will have your LCD firmly attached and on display ready for you to enjoy your watch on.

C7ebd primecables cab plb 33l wall mount brackets heavy duty tilting curved flat panel tv wall mount for tv 37 to 70 inch primecables

Classic Swivel And Tilt TV Wall Mount

The classic swivel and tilt TV mount is a very small and simple design but what it does it does well. Comparing to putting your screen on a stand or a table, a swivel and tilt helps to fend off problematic glare and angles everything so that it’s at an optimum place for where you’re sitting.

TV Wall Mount Articulating Arm

Some just want the ability to swing a flat-screen out and in. A TV wall mount articulating arm secures your television in a way that allows it to glide in and out of view. This is ideal if you’re watching with friends sometimes and other times sitting on your own. You can adjust where a screen is according to where you’re seated.

E04ed primecables cab 04 0510 wall mount brackets wall mount articulated arm universal led lcd plasma 13 55 slim primecables

Super Solid Large Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

Here is the pièce de résistance! This super solid full-motion TV wall mount is for flat-screens 50” to 90”. You don’t need a ton of cash to splurge on this design, fortunately. A great deal! It’s a premium product that will last a lifetime.

1b40b primecables cab lpa49 686 tv wall mounts stands super solid large full motion tv wall mount 50 90 led lcd curved flat panel tvs primecables

Pull-Down TV Wall Mount

An above-fireplace TV wall mount uses a pull-down design. This way, you can store a flat-screen flush with the wall when it’s not in use but can then pull it down into view when it is. Most home theater systems won’t need this level of functionality but to some, they may really enjoy the additional pull-down mechanism.

60f23 monoprice canada cab 15618 tv wall mounts stands above fireplace pull down full motion articulating tv wall mount bracket monoprice

Catch all the best TV wall mounts in 2021 at PrimeCables.ca and find the design that’s right for your room.

How To Build A Home Theater On A Budget – See Here

We all want a fairly decent home theater room. Even if all we have space for is a very small entertainment setup, it’s a luxury to have a home theater space and on a budget, you can certainly have that. It’s all about understanding where to spend and what your priorities are in terms of what type of content you like to watch.

You Will Spend The Most On Your Screen

Video quality is key. A cheap home theater system must have minimum a high-quality screen. A flat-screen. A monitor. A projector screen. Something like this will probably be the most expensive thing you spend money on in a home theater.

Mount Your Screen, Add Lights

For a real theatrical look that doesn’t take a lot, add a TV wall mount to lift your screen and lighting’s the next thing. A real impressive LED-style light setup will blow guests away when they come to join you in your home theater space.

Audio Quality Is Not To Be Forgotten

Audio is equal to video. You want very good audio quality. That said, audio is a lot cheaper comparatively. There are some very high-quality Bluetooth soundbars and home theater sound systems very affordable.

2a87a speaker system cables speaker system cables

Buy A Smart TV Box

If you don’t have a smart TV, don’t worry. You just need an Android smart TV box. They can connect you to wireless internet and add all the features of a smart TV to any stream. They’ll immediately increase what you can watch and connect you to all the top streaming services.

Local TV From An HDTV Antenna

You don’t need a cable TV connection to enjoy local TV. Try an HDTV antenna instead. To go all the way with it, you may want an outdoor TV antenna but you don’t necessarily need one. An indoor HDTV antenna can stretch about just as far as most outdoor antennas do.

320ef tv monitor media streaming tv monitor media streaming

Connect To Ethernet, Not WiFi

Ethernet networking cables offer wired Internet. No slow speeds. No buffering. No interruptions. Maximum internet, 24/7. If your home theater is in a place where you’re concerned about buffering and speed, set up a wired connection. You won’t regret it and it’s very inexpensive.

Surge Protectors And Power Strips

Don’t be struggling to find plugs. A surge protector or a high-quality multi-outlet power strip is an added cost but it’s worth it. There are also some unique ways for you to disguise cabling and attempt to make things look a little more presentable if that’s also a concern. A surge protector plays into that. It cleans up the presentation.

THAT’s just a little glimpse into how you can build a home theater room on a budget. It’s about creativity as well. You can do a lot with a creative mind. Come and shop at PrimeCables.ca for home theater accessories and more.

Time To Use A Wireless Multimedia Keyboard For Your Home Theater System – Read Here!

For home theater lovers, PC users, and mobile devices, one can easily accumulate multiple remotes. Every console has a remote, as does every Android box, HD player, cable box, and screen. You’ll need a basket to carry all those!

A wireless multimedia keyboard is a cheap alternative, aligning the uses of various devices in a single remote.

These are a go-to when you’re operating a home theater PC, aka HTPC. For systems where browsing the Internet, controlling a smart TV or Android media player, and gaming consoles are mixed together in the same room, an HTPC keyboard is a necessity.

The best wireless home theater keyboards are, fortunately, those that are cheap, simple, and efficient.

What Are the Different Parts Of An HTPC Keyboard?

An HTPC keyboard is made up of several different components. You have a keyboard just like what you use for your computer. You also have a multi-touch touchpad that allows you to manipulate your flat-screen similar to a touchscreen.

You also have navigational controls for up, down, left, and right, and of course ‘play’, ‘stop’, ‘rewind’, and ‘forward’.

Mini 2.4GHz Portable Wireless Multimedia Keyboard with Multi-Touch Touchpad Mouse – PrimeCables®

What Can You Use With A Wireless Multimedia Keyboard?

A mini 2.4GHz wireless keyboard works with a variety of devices, including the following.

– XBOX360
– PS3
– HD Players
– Blu-Ray Players
– Android TV Boxes
– Smart TVs
– HTPC Systems
– IPTV Systems
– PCs
– MacOS

What to Look For In A Home Theater Keyboard

A keyboard for a home theater system comes in various sizes and specifications. A mini 2.4GHz keyboard is preferred by many because of its high functionality but also for its pocket size. Comparatively, there are full-size remotes that are similar in design.

You may also have some preference in the shape of the HTPC keyboard. An integrated touchpad’s something that isn’t included in every wireless keyboard. Eliminating this cuts down on size, however, means you will need a mouse to complete the same home theater maneuvers.

Battery type matters. Being wireless, you don’t want to be replacing batteries regularly or recharging your keyboard after every use.

A mini wireless keyboard requires either 2.4GHz wireless or Bluetooth connectivity. You want effective connectivity. Some want a backlit keyboard so that they can use it in the dark. Some remotes do not have this functionality.

Upgrade your home theater system with a mini wireless HTPC keyboard from PrimeCables.ca. Complete with keyboard, touchpad, and mouse, you have everything you need to enjoy full control over your screen. Plug and play, get yours today.

Trendy Bluetooth Speakers in Canada for Home Theater Systems And Portable Use

Bluetooth speakers are notoriously hit-and-miss. Cheap Bluetooth speakers lack sound quality. Unfortunately, the more expensive Bluetooth speakers are also massively expensive.

Listen here! Whether you love listening to music, podcasts, or using them with a home theater system, some of the best Bluetooth speakers in Canada are on sale this month from PrimeCables.ca.

Mini Portable Retro Bluetooth Speaker

A mini portable retro Bluetooth speaker is cute and a great gift for any birthday, holiday, or outdoorsperson.

Though small, the sound is wide and mighty, with a long-lasting battery of up to 7 hours. A Bluetooth connection that’s easy to sync up with, this 63mm speaker is perhaps the best for its size.

Button Scarlet Mini Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Retro Home Decoration Vintage Gi-MUZEN® -RED

Retro Bluetooth Speaker FM/AUX Radio

A bigger model, this is retro style all the way. A retro Bluetooth speaker FM/AUX radio offers premium Bluetooth sound for any gathering in the home, office, kitchen, outdoors, or while travelling. If you’re buying a gift for someone who’s really into the retro look, this full-sized speaker is exceptional.

Retro Wireless Bluetooth Speaker FM/AUX Radio with Old Fashioned Classic Style – MUZEN OTR® -RED

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

It is tough to find quality with affordability. That said, for under $10, this waterproof Bluetooth speaker hits the mark.

Clip it on your backpack. Toss it in your bag when you’re on the go. Being waterproof, it’s a summer favourite for around the pool or at the beach.

BT5.0 IPX5 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – PrimeCables®

Bluetooth Speaker and Subwoofer Set

Are you searching for a home theater Bluetooth speaker set – check this out! Take in 2.1 multimedia sound with subwoofer included.

Choose this trendy Bluetooth speaker in Canada for PCs, smartphones, 3.5mm devices, or any home theater or home entertainment system.

2.1 Bluetooth Multimedia Stereo Powered Speaker and Subwoofer Set – PrimeCables®

Wireless Bluetooth Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofer

A home theater Bluetooth sound bar is a great choice if you’re trying to save on space sans sacrificing function.

Features include 2.1CH sound, a 3.5mm aux, a built-in subwoofer highlighting those key bass frequencies, and a design that emphasizes length over width or height. Mount it to the wall or position it on a table.

2.1CH Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofer – PrimeCables®

Bluetooth Party Speaker

A Bluetooth party speaker is a high-quality, premium-grade speaker with massive power for parties, large gatherings, and to function as a sort of Bluetooth-enabled PA system.

Manufactured by Monoprice, it is available with free shipping anywhere in Canada. A built-in amplifier with an 8” woofer and 1/2″ dome tweeter, alongside the 3.5mm and two RCA inputs qualifies this speaker as one of the best in its category of use.

Bluetooth Party Speaker – Monoprice®

Don’t accept tinny, less-than-robust audio from cheap Bluetooth speakers. Highly-rated Bluetooth speakers are out there and on sale. Act fast! Shop high-quality speakers and speaker systems from PrimeCables.ca today.