Get a New TV for under $200 from PrimeCables for your Bedroom’s Home Theater

When society talks home theater systems, a lot of the conversation is geared towards a ‘bigger is better’ philosophy. Sometimes though, a home theater is in a smaller space like a condo or a bedroom. When a home theater is being sought for the bedroom, the average homeowner is looking at ways to maximize their space without overspending.


As one of Canada’s fastest growing names in eCommerce, PrimeCables is a go-to name for homeowners looking to build for themselves the ultimate bedroom home theater setup. With hundreds of home theater accessories on sale, mix and match according to the needs of your space. If you don’t already have a TV, that’s an excellent place to start and thankfully, PrimeCables actually has a small 32” TV screen for under $200 that’s ideal for a bedroom installation.

Get a LED TV to upgrade for your home theater system economically
Get a LED TV to upgrade for your home theater system economically

The PrimeCables 32” HD LED TV provides high-definition 720p signals with a crisp, clear picture. Features include a 60Hz refresh rate with reduced motion blur, dual 7W speakers for enhanced audio, coaxial digital output for connection to a multi-channel A/V receiver or surround sound system, and three HDMI inputs providing the chance to hook up multiple devices. Buy this 32” bedroom home theater TV today from PrimeCables and get it at a sale price of only $149.99. Needless to say, buying a second TV for the house or the bedroom doesn’t need to be expensive.


Instead of shopping at Wal-Mart for your bedroom TV, go with PrimeCables. The sales are something you don’t want to miss. The picture is excellent, the colors are bright, blacks and whites look great, and if you combine it with some high quality surround sound speakers, you’ll have everything you need to create your very own bedroom home theater. See TV shows, movies, sports, concerts, news, and more from the comfort of your own bed.


If you’re not shopping for strictly just the 32” television, PrimeCables has several 720p HD TV packages to consider as well. There’s a 32” TV with a 6 ft. HDMI cable and TV wall mount for $169.99. There’s the 32” TV with 6 ft. HDMI cable and 4K Android smart TV box for $189.99. There’s also the 32” TV with 6 ft. HDMI cable and indoor HDTV antenna for $159.99. Choose the package that best suits your bedroom or go with the TV for less.


Upgrade your bedroom’s home theater today with PrimeCables. You’ll be so impressed by the money you save, we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the haul you receive. It’ll be that good you won’t want to shop anywhere else. Shop PrimeCables today for your new TV.

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