Is There a ‘Best TV Wall Mount’ out there and How Do I know Which one to Buy

Combing through TV mount reviews from across PrimeCables, you’ll find a lot of satisfied customers. Knowing what the best TV wall mount brand to buy is though is a difficult question to answer. Though anyone can make the claim that ‘this is the best mount’, it’s different for everyone. For households working on a strict budget, a basic or tilt model might be the recommended mount. For Canadians who want a mount with a little more movement associated, there’s a wide range of types including with articulating arms, tilts and swivels, and even pull-down models.


To some degree, the weight and size of your TV screen is going to cut down on the amount of compatible options. If you have a larger TV, only some models will be able to accommodate. When digging through the PrimeCables catalogue for TV wall mounts, read through product reviews from customers just like you. If a product meets all specifications and has received excellent reviews, you know you can rely on it. Also, note that if the TV is being positioned immediately across from a window, it will at least need a bit of a tilt to avoid the glare of the daylight.


As one of Canada’s favourite eCommerce sites for home theater accessories, screens, and TV wall mounts, the advice we’ve always given is to buy the right mount for your space. There’s more than 25 wall mount in the PrimeCables catalogue, and each model comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Choose from exclusive selections like the heavy-duty tilting TV wall mount for $19.99, the full motion articulating TV wall mount for $42.99, the full motion TV wall mount for small to medium sized TVs for $19.99, the angle free tilt TV wall mount with safety lock for $5.99, the elegant slim full-motion wall mount for $21.99, and the PrimeCables-manufactured pivoting TV wall mount with swing out articulating arm for $19.99.


When buying these products and others from PrimeCables, receive free returns, a 1-year product guarantee, and fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on any orders above $49. Needless to say, we’re more than confident you will find the best TV mount for you in our eCommerce catalogue. Whether you’re searching for a budget-friendly model, something mid-range and mid-premium, or something premium and advanced, you’ll find everything on deal, discount, and promo via PrimeCables. So feel free to take a few minutes to browse and shop with PrimeCables today.

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