PrimeCables’ Home Theater TV Antenna Sales are fast Increasing as more Canadians Cut the Cord!

We suppose it’s a sign of the times. HDTV antennas for home theatres have seen sales rise significantly in the last three years. Comparatively, traditional Canadian cable companies – like Shaw, Bell and Rogers – continue to struggle to hang onto existing cable subscriptions.


There’s a lot of reasons why we suspect home theater TV antennas have seen their sales rise. In part, we know it’s because of the rising costs of having a cable subscription. Instead of working on providing more value and/or better pricing, Canadian cable companies have consistently taken advantage of the populace. As more Canadians cut ties to these companies in favor of getting an antenna, PrimeCables has seen much benefit.


The move towards antennas, we don’t believe, has been purely an escape from cable companies. Browsing the PrimeCables’ catalogue, you’ll see the quality of antennas has vastly improved form the traditional antennas of the 1990s and before. Today’s antennas are able to go longer distances, capturing signals far and away easier. Today’s antennas can also receive high-definition 1080p signals which means little to no difference between the signals you get on an antenna compared to the signals of a satellite receiver or DVR setup.


Through PrimeCables, there are several indoor HDTV antenna options including the super thin HDTV antenna for $4.99 and the Digiwave BMX innovative super flat antenna for $14.99. There are also more expanded outdoor antennas such as the PrimeCables HDTV high gain VHF/UHF for $19.99, the UHF outdoor digital antenna with range up to 70 miles for $32.99, the massive 360-degree adjustable multi-directional super 8 bay TV antenna with range up to 70 miles for $105.99, and the digital outdoor TV antenna Smartpass amplified with built-in 4G LTE for $49.99.


Even when streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are dominating the marketplace, an HDTV antenna is still in-demand for its ability to deliver high quality live TV from Canadian favourites like CBC and CTV, common America networks like FOX and The CW, live sports, local programming, and news. TV antennas are more advanced now than ever and their performance remains exceptionally strong. If you don’t believe us, consider buying an HDTV antenna from PrimeCables and giving it a try. Before committing to a switch from cable or satellite, see what you’re missing!


PrimeCables has advanced HDTV antennas on deals and discount, ready to pull in broadcast signals from far and wide. Browse the HDTV antenna catalogue to begin see hundred-dollar savings on monthly cable subscriptions you don’t need to pay.

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