Shop these under $5 Deals on Power Tool Accessories available only from PrimeCables

There are some basic tool accessories you should always have in your tool organizer. For these basic sets, the list of under-$5 power tool accessories deals is plentiful. The issue though is that these are rarely high quality or heavy duty products.


If you want to make your everyday life better when it comes to handling tools, you need more than a cheaply made product. That’s why Canadians who don’t want to trade off quality for price, they visit PrimeCables. Search the lowest prices in Canada on screwdrivers, pliers, and more. See fast, free shipping on orders above $49 to anywhere in the country. Also, PrimeCables provides free returns and a 1-year product guarantee across all purchases.

Get the best power tools accessories from
Get the best power tools accessories from

Consider a magnetic tip slotted screwdriver for high-impact applications for $1.49, multi-purpose heavy-duty scissors and cutting shears for $3.99, comfort earmuffs for noise cancellation and safety protection for $3.99, high quality thread seal tape for plumbing pipelines for $0.49, a mini tube pipe cutter for cutting copper and aluminum for $3.99, professional sharp bypass pruning shears for $4.99, and the 9” heavy duty smooth round rod caulking gun for $3.99.


Imagine having all these each for under $5 in one package, assembling the perfect heavy duty toolkit. Those are not the only under-$5 deals in the PrimeCables power tool accessories catalogue either. There’s also the retractable steel measuring tape with magnetic hook for $2.99, replacement snap-off blades for $0.89, an 8” adjustable wrench for repair and assembly for $3.99, grinding disk for metal for $4.99, and others. If you’re able to go above the under-$5 mark to the under-$10 category, there’s plenty more power tool accessories deals to consider and take advantage of as well.


Needless to say, power tool accessories don’t always come cheap. For these basics though, you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for them. A combination of these will let you quickly repair, cut, and unscrew almost anything standard. The best known brands providing equal quality products will cost significantly more. Instead, pay less with PrimeCables, and get the same quality you want and expect. Save money, get a high quality tool, and buy from one of Canada’s more established, reputable brands. To wherever you’re traveling, you’ll be glad to have these tools in your possession.


PrimeCables has all the basic tools and more. Different sizes and types, find anything you need to cover all the basic fixes. Keep it simple with PrimeCables and never have to spend above five bucks on the tools mentioned. Shop with us today to begin saving!

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