Top 10 Home Theater Mistakes and how to Avoid Them

Home theater mistakes are surprisingly common and easy to make. If we take a close enough look at any homeowner’s home entertainment setup, we’re confident we’ll find at least a few mistakes. To relieve some of the stress involved with choosing and then, setting up a home theater system, take a quick look through these top 10 home theater mistakes and how to avoid them.


1 – Wrong size TV
Bigger is not always better. Some spaces with limited viewing distance require a smaller TV. For example, if you’re seeing the pixel structure of your TV, it’s probably too big for the room. Base buying a TV on what looks best for you and what’s most appropriate for the room.

2 – Not taking into consideration windows

The lighting in a room can completely mess up how you intend to set up your TV. For example, a TV set up opposite window will receive glare. The general rule is to never place your TV here and if you must, to use a TV wall mount to help angle out any reflections you might get.


3 – Wrong speakers

Speakers mean a lot to a home entertainment system. No one has to spend thousands of dollars to get high quality audio however don’t forget to take into consideration the audio experience when building a setup that is aesthetically pleasing.


4 – Unbalanced speakers

Sometimes a subwoofer can be overwhelming, dialogue is difficult to hear, or the surround sound is too low. To resolve these common complaints, be sure to use a sound meter or a similar device to ensure speakers are in their optimum listening position to maximize the listening experience.


5 – Forgetting cables and accessories

Cables can be expensive when supplying an entire home theater system. Be sure to budget appropriately. Consider money-saving high-performance items such as speaker wire and good quality HDMI cables, among other accessories you might need.


6 – Not keeping cables and wires tidy

Cables are an easy mess to make. Any time more components are added to a home entertainment setup, the more cable will be thrown into the mix. To combat this, ensure cables are not too long, and that they’re labeled, tied, or marked as appropriate.


7 – Foregoing the user manual

It never hurts to take a look through the user manual. You never know what you might be missing in the installation. Though we like to think we know the most about the functions and components of a home theater system, there may be more than meets the eye.


8 – Buying according to price

Low price oftentimes gets you low quality product, especially when you’re buying from retailers like Best Buy or Wal-Mart. These places want you to buy the more expensive option. Shop with a discount eCommerce retailer like PrimeCables to get the best price for the best product.


9 – Forgetting to buy a service plan

If you have a large, expensive flat-screen TV, buying a service plan or additional warranty might serve you well. That way, if there are unexpected issues that you can’t tackle on your own, you won’t have to worry about having to pay hundreds in repair.


10 – Refusing professional help

If you’re having difficulty installing your home theater system, the best advice we can give is to contact a professional installer. If you’ve tried everything, we know it can be expensive but a professional installer can at least provide some insight into where things may have gone wrong.

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