Using a Sit-Stand Desk and Monitor Desk Mount to modify your Home Theater Experience!

Sit-stand desks and monitor desk mounts a great combination for video games, research, video editing, music production, graphic design, and more. Believe it or not, this mount-desk combination also makes for a great alternative home theater experience. For numerous students attending university or college, homeowners prepping guest rooms in Canadian households, and/or professionals in home offices, these settings already double as home theater settings.

Home theaters don’t necessarily need to be big or traditional. What they do need however are video and audio. If your sit-stand desk is already accommodating a computer monitor or television screen, you’ve got the video. When it comes to audio, though your screen may have built-in speakers, getting a good pair of bookshelf speakers can work wonders in keeping things sounding great. As long as the video and audio are worked out, there’s nothing wrong with a simple setup like this. Know that alternative home theater setups like this are becoming more common in smaller bachelor apartments, condos, dorms, and personal bedrooms. Browsing PrimeCables’ catalogue, there’s plenty of home theater accessories to add to it as well.

Now, once you’ve got the video and audio sorted, let’s look at how a sit standing desk and monitor desk mount can be manipulated. The great thing about a sit standing desk is that it’s height adjustable. Depending on where you are at in the room and at what angle you’re watching, it’s very easy to move the desk surface up and down according to your needs. To this point, a monitor desk mount can do much of the same. The reason why the popularity of these home theater accessories have grown so much is because these are multi-purpose products. Use sit stand desks and monitor desk mounts to work, to entertain one’s self as a home theater, and more.

Browse exclusive deals with PrimeCables on products like the sit standing height adjustable ergo riser ADR for monitors up to 35” wide for $179.99, a dual LCD monitor desk mount fully adjustable for $42.49, the official PrimeCables single monitor desk mount adjustable for $14.99, or the dual screen desktop mount 360-degrees free switch for monitors 10”-27” for $54.99. All highly convenient home theater accessory options, enjoy a ‘free shipping’ coupon to anywhere in Canada on all orders with PrimeCables above $49.

Shop PrimeCables today for these home theater accessories and more. Convert your existing professional desk setup into something more. Believe us when we say, the next time you want to watch a movie or catch the latest from your favourite TV show, you’ll be thankful you have a home theater space already set up and planned!

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