Comparing the Top 2 Projectors in Canada for Home Theater Use from PrimeCables

Home theater projectors don’t usually come cheap. If you don’t want your projector to cost an arm and a leg, PrimeCables might be able to help. If you’re wondering how, PrimeCables has more than a dozen models to choose from. As a glimpse into what we mean, the top 2 projectors in Canada for home theater use are available here to review and compare. Please feel free to use this as a starting point for considerations on a projector.


The PrimeCables Portable


The portable LCD multimedia home theater projector from PrimeCables comes with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada already included and a price point of $79.99. The most cost-effective home theater projector in our catalogue, enjoy features like a 16:10 aspect ratio, contrast of 1,000:1, a brightness level of 1500 lumens, a native resolution of 800×480 pixels, and a supported resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. If you want to have a projector for your home theater and yet, you only have a small budget, this is absolutely the selection you want to go with.


The Epson VS345


The Epson VS345 WXGA 3LCD projector is a more expensive widescreen portable projector for high-definition images. There are many advantages to the Epson home theater projector including more accurate color brightness, 3000 lumens white brightness for well-lit rooms, and WXGA resolution of 1280×800. The Epson VS345 is priced at $539.99 with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada included. Though not made specifically for home theater use, Epson is a high quality brand well-known to the home theater projector category.


Choosing a projector for home theater use can be challenging. For some, they may prefer a monitor or flat-screen. That said, a projector comes with numerous advantages. Create a luxurious, high-class immersive viewing based around an advanced high-definition signal. Finally in affordable territory for Canadians, you can save off projectors with PrimeCables. For gorgeous true high-definition images with no limitation for your home theater screen, a projector and projector screen is where it’s at. The more affordable, under-$100 projector is worth every penny. Particularly for newbies to the projector game, this is a great way to get started.


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