How to Buy a Home Theater TV and Why to Research before you Choose

Deciding on a new home theater TV hinges on finding the right product with the features you want and at a comfortable price point. Any time Black Friday comes around or when there’s a big sports event, many Canadians look into upgrading their TV and the costs associated with that. For many, it’s just not a possibility. For others that have been saving for it though, it’s important to do some research before buying a flat-screen TV for your space.


There are different ways to lower the cost of buying a flat-screen TV. For one, a lot of people are in the market for what’s called a ‘smart TV’. A smart TV comes preloaded with software and hardware to stream TV programs and watch Internet-based content. Smart TVs cost quite a bit more than the average high-definition 1080p home theater TV. Thankfully, you can save on that cost by buying a high-definition TV and streaming media box that comes with its own software that’ll convert any non-smart TV into a smart TV.


Keep in mind that not all home theater TVs are the same. When it comes to picture quality, there’s standard, 720p HD, 1080p HD, and 4K HD. For many households, 720p high-definition TVs are more than enough to get a good picture quality however most will seek 1080p or higher. There’s also screen size to consider. If it’s a larger screen size, you may want 1080p or higher, or risk seeing slightly pixelated images when you watch. Also, if it’s a larger screen size, it’ll take up more room and, depending on its weight, you may not have the option to wall mount it.


After all this, a home theater TV might not even be the right choice. Instead, you may be better off with a projector, projector screen, and projector mount. They take up less space, provide a high quality image that is more customizable, and make things feel more cinematic. Also, you don’t need to decide how or where you want to mount it against a wall, from the ceiling, set inside a cabinet, or have to balance it on a piece of furniture.


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