Top 4 TV Wall Mounts – Product Reviews, Features, and more!

For Home Theater Month, PrimeCables is celebrating by giving consumers deep discounts on home theater accessories including TV wall mounts. If you’re seeking a TV wall mount to fix it to the wall or ceiling, you’ve come to the right place. The home of four- and five-star reviews, visit PrimeCables to see these top 4 TV wall mounts and others!


Full-Motion TV Wall Mount


The PrimeCables’ full motion articulating TV wall mount is available for under $39 for a limited time. Used in home and commercial applications, this is one of our biggest selling TV wall mount in Canada. Access a tilt mechanism ensuring no glare from windows or light sources, swivel it left and right to maximize viewing angle, and see support for TVs up to 110 lbs. in weight.


Full-Motion Pull-Down TV Wall Mount


Designed to go over a fireplace, this model provides full motion capabilities including having the ability to be pulled down for viewing. When you’re watching, pull it down and when you’re not, pull it up. Ideal for wood, masonry, and concrete, the folding design pull down TV wall mount from PrimeCables is available for less than $128 with ‘free shipping’ included to anywhere in Canada.


Ceiling TV Mount


Ceiling mounts are used in settings like gyms, schools, restaurants, libraries, museums, banks, shopping malls, and in other applications. For some Canadian households though, a ceiling mount may be preferable. Height adjustable, incorporating a tilt and swivel design, and with cable management mechanisms, you can buy your TV ceiling mount for under $43.


Tabletop Stand/Mount


See this universal tabletop stand for TV and A/V components for $29.99. If you’re looking for additional support for setting up your flat-screen on a table, this is an inexpensive, heavy duty option. Height adjustable with three options and cable management, it’s something to consider.


Though these are our top 4 wall mounts for high-level performance, there are still plenty of more affordable options for under $20. There’s the PrimeCables fixed TV wall mount for up to 100” TVs as one of the more basic options, a pivoting TV wall mount with swing out articulating arm, a heavy duty tilt TV wall mount for up to 100” flat-panels, and then, there’s the height adjustable triple shelves for DVDs, media devices, and more.


PrimeCables’ Home Theater Month extends to TVs, mounts, stands, display devices, HDMI cables, audio cables, adapters, TV antennas, speaker systems, and more! Visit today to see big savings off amazing product.

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