What is the Future of Home Theater Systems and Home Theater TVs in Canada – see here!

The future of home theater entertainment in Canada continues to build around philosophies of ‘best is better’, not necessarily going with equipment that is bigger or more advanced. What’s the best home theater equipment is a question that varies per person. Depending on the size of the room you’re working with, how many people in the household, and preferences of those involved, the ‘best home theater system’ can mean something different to any which person. The future of home theater TVs in Canada and the systems that surround them are building around the 4K element.


‘4K’ is the most advanced consumer-level picture quality shared across TVs in Canada. As they continue to come down in price, the future of home theater systems in the next decade is likely to be built around equipment delivering a 4K experience. If you don’t already have the best equipment for a 4K experience, you’re not going to get everything you could from it. This can be said about any element of a home theater system. For example, if you have amazing speakers but don’t have an A/V receiver to maximize them, you’re not going to get the optimum sound quality.


If you want to trick out your home entertainment system to make it future-ready, begin by searching for a good 4K screen with high quality brightness, backlight, format support, and color and contrast. As we mentioned earlier, if you decide you don’t need to go with a monster sized screen, you may wish to look into medium sized screens or possibly going with a projector and projector screen. Much like the history of home theater systems have been built, as we look towards the future, it’s the screen that will ultimately determine the equipment that supports it.


Though some experts are predicting more wireless when it comes to consumer portables, we don’t expect to see the same in home theater systems. Cables are a necessity, to this degree. If you want the best quality picture, the best quality sound, and the best quality data transfer, cables are the only way to get you there. Be it via HDMI cables, optical Toslink cables, RCA, or some other A/V cables, expect to see these used in abundance as consumers seek to connect more devices into their home entertainment systems. Subsequently, Bluetooth capability on devices like soundbars or media streaming devices might also be something to examine.


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