Buy this Mac to TV Screen Adapter for Projection

Are you looking to connect your Apple product or MacBook to your TV – read our guide. For all MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and MacBook Airs, the process is simple. For less than $3, the solution is simple.


All you need are some inexpensive devices like a MacBook adapter, TV video cables, and audio cables. For more information on what cables and adapters are specific for your home theater setup, take a quick spin through our graphic guide for Mac to TV screen projection. In the meantime though, we can recap some of the ways other Canadians have done it!


Let’s say you have a typical high-definition flat-screen TV and you need to connect your laptop to it. A connection like that is easy – all you need is a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable which can be purchased via PrimeCables for only $7.49. If it’s a VGA monitor you are looking to make the connection to, it will require something extra with a Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter and an SVGA male to male cable. If it’s an RCA monitor, use a Mini DisplayPort to VGA female adapter and a VGA to 3RCA + s-video cable adapter. All of these products can be purchased via PrimeCables with fast, free shipping to anywhere on any order above $49, free returns, and a 1-year product guarantee. Now, if you’re using a MacBook to connect to a screen, it’s slightly different setup. For a high-definition flat-screen, you’re going to want a mini DVI to HDMI adapter for $7.99 and an HDMI male to male cable for $3.99.


Connecting your Apple laptop or computer to your TV has never been easier with the mix of cables and adapters available out there. Using the right combination or finding the right adapter, one can help stream Internet-based content instantly for the whole household to enjoy. The functionality that connecting your Apple laptop to your TV provides is high. If you’re able to do this, you might not need a smart TV or a media streaming box. That said, if you want to go the way of a streaming box, you can find those as well in the PrimeCables catalogue. For further information on what could work with your home theater setup, browse across all HDMI cables, VGA cables, and adapters.


PrimeCables carries everything you need for laptop accessories, TV accessories, and home theater accessories. Use any of our step by step guides to learn how to better connect your computer and TV in one integrated home entertainment center.

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